Frozen Hot Chocolate Smoothie

It’s like Christmas with this frozen hot chocolate smoothie! Creamy and tasty using 7 dairy-free ingredients including chocolate protein powder, peppermint, and marshmallows! The perfect frozen breakfast treat!

Frozen chocolate smoothie that is perfect for Christmas made with chocolate protein powder, dairy-free milk, marshmallows, and peppermint extract.

Why this frozen hot chocolate smoothie is the best

This frozen hot chocolate smoothie is loaded with chocolatey peppermint flavor, is gluten-free, dairy-free, only 7 ingredients, and has a vegan option!

It’s quite an oxymoron, ehh? Frozen “hot chocolate” smoothie? Isn’t hot chocolate supposed to be warm and hot with melted marshmallows floating on top? Well now you can have all the delicious chocolate, marshmallow, and peppermint flavors of your favorite hot chocolate, just frozen and blended with chocolate protein powder!

We also like to call it a Christmas smoothie! This smoothie is so fun for fall and Christmas mornings or afterschool snacks. My kids get so excited when we get to make our frozen hot chocolate smoothies when they come home from sports or school. Be sure to enjoy it with some gluten-free Christmas Cookies.

Smoothie Ingredients

  • Chocolate protein powder – we use this chocolate protein powder or a vegan chocolate protein powder, but you can also use vanilla and still have a tasty beverage. Using protein powder, just makes this drink more awesome and loads it with muscle building nutrients. Most of them already have sweetener added so no need to add more.
  • Dairy-free milk – cashew milk or almond milk add a satisfying smoothness in taste that blends all the flavors together. It is also loaded with vitamins, depending on what type used. I suggest using almond milk without carrageenan listed on the ingredients as that can affect the liver cells (it goes back and forth with this study). Silk is made without it, or you can easily make your own homemade almond milk.
  • Peppermint extract – makes this peppermint flavored like a candy cane!
  • Collagen – collagen adds beauty to the skin, supports joint health, and hair and nail growth.
  • Ice – helps to make this chilled and frozen like an icee or smoothie in consistency without using frozen fruit.
  • Chocolate chips – adding a few chocolate chips makes this frozen hot chocolate more rich. Use whatever you prefer – vegan, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate morsels.
  • Marshmallows – what is hot chocolate without marshmallows mixed in? We blend mini marshmallows for a creamier consistency.
  • Toppings – let’s add peppermint candy and marshmallows on top!

How to make a frozen hot chocolate smoothie

STEP 1: In a high powered blender, add the chocolate protein powder, milk, collagen, marshmallows, chocolate, peppermint extract, and ice. Blend until smooth.

STEP 2: Pour into a glass and top with fresh peppermint candy and marshmallows and enjoy right away!

Supplements and Additions

It is also optional to replace the ice cubes with frozen milk. Just add dairy-free milk to an ice cube tray and freeze it. This creates a more flavorful drink.

Add in any of your favorite smoothie additions such as 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds, flax meal, or chia seeds.

Expert Tip

Depending on the temperature where this is made, the liquid to ice may need adjusting. Work with ½ cup to ¾ cup of milk and 1 cup of ice. Add more ice if needed to make the smoothie more frozen.

What is your favorite Christmas smoothie, or hot chocolate beverage? Also check out all of our smoothie recipes here!

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