Soft Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Warm vanilla-cinnamon spices give these healthy soft gluten free chocolate chip cookies their robust flavor! A delicious sweet way to welcome the holiday season! 

Soft Gluten-Free Cookies with Chocolate Chips

When it comes to dessert, to me, nothing is sweeter than walking into a home smelling of freshly baked soft gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that have just been taken out of the oven. Sometimes I can taste the cookies even before they hit my lips!

We first made these soft gluten free chocolate chip cookies for Big C’s first lemonade stand a couple of weeks ago! I have been working hard to teach him about money, especially now that he is 6 and gets an allowance. He has three jars in his room: 1 for spending, 1 for saving and 1 for giving. Most of the money he has obtained has been from birthday money, working (I pay him when he helps me shoot photos as an assistant), and his allowance.

It is a daily process explaining that we can’t always buy toys with the money but I was so proud of him one afternoon when the ice cream truck drove by. He took his spending money to buy his treat and got money out of his giving jar to give to his little brother so he could have an ice cream too. My heart melted in joy along with their icy treats.

Then another day Big C told me he really wants a Transformer toy and I told him he needed to spend his own money. Only there was no more spending money left in his jar so I told him he could earn money if he worked for it. “We can set up a lemonade stand to sell lemonade and soft gluten free chocolate chip cookies” I told him.

He was delighted to do just that and was immediately in the kitchen whipping together the dough for his cookies.

Thank goodness for social media (in this case) and last-minute advertising because I shared this picture and in less than 3 hours we sold out! Good thing because it was so hot we could only set out a few cookies at a time or else they would melt. Shortly later we set out to buy his Transformer:-)

One of our neighbors raved about something in the chocolate chip cookies that was so good. I told her the secret to these drop cookies is adding cinnamon! Cinnamon spices with vanilla and nutty butter just gives chocolate morsels and the creamy doughy centers the “WOW” factor!

I kept a secret stash at home for us to enjoy later but we all know chocolate chip cookies taste best fresh out of the oven.

How to reheat cookies

Here is the secret to the achieving fresh out-of-the-oven homemade gluten-free cookies: First, sprinkle a bit of water on a paper towel and cover the chocolate chip cookie with the dampened paper towel then heat the cookie in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

Oh boy! Your home will smell amazing and the turnout is a fabulous moist cookie with melted chocolate morsels!

I do not usually bake with butter, or at least not too often but they really do make a delicious cookie and butter helps gluten-free cookies stick together instead of crumble apart quickly. Ghee clarified butter is the best most natural form of butter so I highly recommend it for baking and cooking (along with coconut oil). Ghee in the simmering process, makes it nutty-tasting and aromatic which gives these gluten free chocolate chip cookies extra depth in flavor.

Sometimes I like to make the batch of cookies and keep half of the uncooked cookie dough in the refrigerator to bake smaller batches at a time. So I don’t eat the whole pan at once!

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