Almond Flour Cookies (Vegan)

Miniature vegan almond meal treats perfected into bite size cookies! These grain free almond flour cookies naturally soothe a sweet tooth and are packed with healthy fats and nutrients!

Cookies, cookies and more cookies… give us all the cookies! Especially healthy, grain free, gluten free almond flour cookies!!! I think my boys think cookies are “thee thing” for breakfast, snacks, desserts any time of the day.

The other morning as soon as the littlest woke up and stumbled into my bed his quick question is, “Please, get up mama? I hungry.”

“Want some oatmeal?” I reply.

“No, bar or do you have homemade bread or a homemade HEALTHY cookie?”

Haha, because even though the title is a cookie, these are good enough to eat any time of the day thanks to light sugar content, no grains and energy boosting almond flour!

At least the ice cream we just bought at the grocery store they know is saved for dessert. But cookies are another story in our household. Miniature bite-size cookies are the perfect moderation for quantity in balancing sweet treats!

Why should we have certain foods at certain times of the day anyways? In college all I wanted for breakfast was eggs and egg burritos. In my early 30’s I ate Greek yogurt with fresh fruit topped with homemade granola for years. And now… I want something quick, healthy and easy that I can eat while providing my children their breakfast, pouring my freshly brewed coffee, unloading the dishwasher and loading the laundry in all within the same 15 minute time span.

Almond flour cookies for breakfast – totally approved! Or I savor mornings on a tortilla with a spread of almond butter topped with a banana, sprinkle of cinnamon and wrapped to perfection. My tasty little almond butter burrito or almond meal cookies I can eat on the go and both contain about the same amount of sugar, only these cookies have less carbs than tortillas.

Oh and did I mention these almond flour cookies have ZERO, that is “0” added refined sugar! The sugar is 98% from dates with 2 small tablespoons of raw honey or maple syrup (for vegan cookies)! And honey is packed with good bacteria that supports a healthy intestine!

Cookies made with almond flour rather than gluten are healthier for the gut but not if you have a nut allergy. Sorry nut allergy friends because this recipe is not for you but I do suggest just using equal parts coconut flour mixed with tapioca flour in place of almond flour. I kinda got obsessed with these almond flour chocolate chip cookies so I tried to form a version without eggs & chocolate with additional healthy flax meal.

If you suffer from a wheat allergy such as Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity then these gluten-free almond flour cookies paleo (style) do prevent that annoying wheat allergy bloating!

Coconut flour is added to the flour base to add natural sweetness without gluten or grains. Although coconut is higher in saturated fats it actually speeds up the metabolism and is good for brain development in children.

These almond flour cookies are the perfect bite-size, all natural, made with fruits and nuts, light and flaky in texture and taste amazing! Here is what you need to get started.

Ingredients for Almond Meal (Flour) Cookies:

Gluten free flours! Almond meal (Almond flour) preferably blanched, coconut flour, tapioca flour and flax meal. Flax meal adds tons of fiber to help push toxins out of the intestines. Make sure to drink plenty of water with these cookies and throughout the day.

Healthy sugars! Raw honey or maple syrup and dates for natural sugar. I like to get my dates with the pits already removed from Trader Joe’s. If you do not have raw honey on had then regular honey is fine.

Spices, salt and vanilla extract to aid in digestion and add delicious natural flavors! Cinnamon and ginger help to lower blood pressure and keep blood levels at ease. A little bit of spice and everything is nice!

Moisture for combining ingredients! Coconut oil and almond milk add natural flavors and sweetness plus it helps mix the ingredients together so it is eggless.

And last but not least baking soda for a bit of “fluff”! Baking soda activates the ingredients to fluff up giving you a well textured cookie.

Lets Get Baking!

First combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl: coconut flour, almond flour, flax meal and tapioca flour. Mix it all together with the spices and salt. Next up you will want to process the dates with the wet ingredients to make sure the dates get soft and smooth when blended together.

I don’t know about you or your kids – but my kids have hawk vision when it comes to any form of “chunk” in their food! We want those dates to blend well. They may need to be soaked for about 30 minutes in water prior to use if they feel extra tough.

Now go ahead and using a food processor or blender combine the dates, vanilla, honey and milk. Save the coconut oil as the last ingredient! That way it stays soft and will not harden chunky when mixing with the cold almond milk. Again, there is our issue with “chunks”! haha!

Add the processed dates mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well. Last add the melted coconut oil. Set it in the refrigerator for a bit to harden then scoop it on a prepared sheet pan for baking.

*Please note that if you scoop out the dough right away it will look more like the ones in these images ( I was working in high summer heat). If you refrigerate them first you can roll them into balls which will resemble more of a round top surface. 

Are you ready to try the recipe now? Super simple and incredibly delicious! We like to make these and leave half the batch in the refrigerator so when we eat a few there is always a warm batch of homemade cookies ready to eat in 12 minutes!

Don’t forget to comment below when you make them or tag me on Instagram @delightfulmomfood – Enjoy loves!

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