Savory Leek Squash Soup

Healthy and fresh leek soup with bold flavors of salty ham, hints of sweet corn and yellow squash in a light yet filling broth.

A rare combination of extremely nutritious and extraordinarily delicious! Those are my husbands EXACT words to describe this FLAVORFUL leek soup.

Following that my husband said to tell my readers “The proof is in the picky kids and husband!” I am glad he’s come to come out of his shell and finally start to speak to you all through me…lol! Seriously he’s so cute. I always ask him about the food I make and what he thinks about it, how to describe it, what he likes best, etc. This time he was very specific in that this leek soup is fantastic, nourishing and used the distinction of savory.

See, the other week when I got all those free vegetables from our local market that was closing down, leeks happened to be one of them. I ended up coming home with 4 stalks of the large green vegetable. Leeks, I tell ya- what do you even do with a leek?

Leeks happen to be fantastic diced thinly and sauteed or stir fried with peppers, carrots, rice or topped over chicken or steak. They are also quite delicious chopped or purred into soup. The tall stalk of a leek is a part of the onion and garlic family so it gives stews and soups a rich flavor without being too overpowering – especially if you are not a fan of onions!

This leek and ham soup has a few simple ingredients: leeks, yellow squash, basil, white wine and sweet corn kernels to compliment salty ham. If you want a heartier soup add diced red or golden potatoes!


The kiddos enjoyed it chopped very fine or I also suggest pureeing it and garnished with a drizzle of olive oil.

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