How To Freeze Bananas for Smoothies & More!

It only takes 5 minutes, and these techniques on how to freeze bananas make it so they pull apart easily everytime! Frozen bananas are delicious for smoothies, snacks, and ice cream!

How to freeze a banana for smoothies

Do you have ripe bananas and wondering how to freeze bananas to preserve them for smoothies in the morning, or to turn them into frozen banana ice cream or strawberry nice cream? We share step-by-step instructions to peel, dice, and save the fruit for the perfect frozen treat that thaws quickly! And if you have green or under-ripe bananas around, check out how to ripen bananas!

What goes into freezing bananas

Yellow ripe bananas ready for freezing.

Ripe bananas! Use bananas that about to start to brown, or are ready to eat. It is not suggested to use green bananas as they have a bitter taste and do not peel well since they are not ready to eat.

Tools for freezing. You need these items:

  • baking sheet (small or large depending on what fits in the freezer and how many bananas are being frozen)
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • spatula
  • freezer zip-lock bags
  • Sharpe marker to write the date

How to freeze bananas

STEP 1: Peel the banana or bananas and place them on a cutting board.

STEP 2: Using a knife, cut the banana into ¼-inch to ½-inch thick slices. Note that the thinner the slice, the faster the banana thaws. My slices range between this thickness.

STEP 3: Place the banana slices on a sheet pan (that fits in your freezer), keeping the slices apart and not touching.

STEP 4: Freeze for 1-2 hours then using a spatula, lift each slice and place the slices in the zip-lock bag. Remove as much air as possible and place in the freezer.


If freezing a bunch of bananas, they can be placed all in one bag, or put 1 banana per freezer bag to separate the servings for smoothies. A good rule of thumb is about 1 cup of banana is about 1 whole banana.

How to thaw frozen bananas

Remove the bananas from the bag and place on a plate. Let it set out for about 15-30 minutes to thaw. Bananas can also be defrosted in the microwave on the “defrost” setting for 10-30 seconds. Remove the banana from the plastic bag first before placing in the microwave.

How long does it last

If stored properly (sealed tight with air removed), frozen bananas will last in the freezer for a very long time, almost forever. But they start to decline after 3 months so it is best to consume within 3-6 months (6 months packaged properly).

Ways to use frozen bananas

Frozen fruits are a healthy snack to nibble on when craving something sweet! After you freeze bananas, blend them into smoothies, strawberry banana nice cream, vegan ice cream with bananas, stir into peanut butter oatmeal, chia hemp oatmeal, or thaw and mash it into chocolate banana bread or traditional banana bread. Frozen banana bites are also delicious to top with peanut butter and a few chocolate chips for a quick healthy snack!

Smoothies to use this recipe

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