Healthy Olive Oil Banana Nut Mini Muffins

Delicately fluffy and oh so moist and delicious! Hands down the best Healthy Olive Oil Banana Nut Mini Muffins!

I have had quite a few banana nut muffin recipes in my time. All quite delicious, light and fluffy and also heavy and sweet. Like most things, I prefer homemade foods where I know what ingredients are going into my body and my family’s bodies.

I recently stumbled upon making this recipe using olive oil for its health benefits and Sunflower Kernels. Some people do not like baking with olive oil for fear of the olive oil flavor in baked goods, but it blends well in these muffins. Since my husband and son are not big fans of chunky nuts and fruits in their muffins, the Sunflower Kernels were a hit! Small enough not to detect but added the perfect flavor, nutritional protein and just a bit of crunch to these muffins.

I prefer baking with White Spelt Flour (I am gluten sensitive so I can have wheat),  gluten free flour mix works well in this recipe.

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