Pumpkin Cookies (Low Sugar & Dairy-Free)

Pumpkin cookies baked perfectly round and chewy with white chocolaty creamy flavor!

Whenever cookies come to mind I think of a giant fluffy blue guy named “cookie monster”! You know the one I’m talking about from Sesame Street. Where he relentlessly grabs handful after handful of crunchy crumbly chocolate chip cookies that are spewing out of his mouth as he eats them. Not only is he eating them handfuls at a time but he’s always talking while he is doing it! Drives me so freaking nuts! My kids turn into that giant blue cookie monster when they are presented with a tray of these pumpkin cookies, or any cookie for that matter. Only they don’t turn blue and furry and there are not the same amount of cookie chunks flying out of there mouths, WHEW!

Two bites and the entire cookie is gone! Which means minimal crumbs all over the place for mama to clean up!

Do you also feel that you are constantly cleaning crumbs whenever the kids eat? Really sometimes I would be ok if they just lick the remains off the table every once in a while. When they want something “crumbly” you will find me trailing along right behind them at every bite cleaning up a crumb or two. I am seriously trying to work on the cleaning OCD issue. Good thing these pumpkin cookies are so chewy and moist that every last drop is eaten!

What makes pumpkin recipes so delicious? It is the creaminess and added moisture from pumpkin puree! Canned pumpkin puree makes baked goods just so yummy and comforting for fall! For this recipe I used a small amount of coconut sugar and instead of baking oil or butter, I use coconut oil. Coconut oil is so much better for you and can even boost the metabolism. These pumpkin cookies are healthier than most traditional recipes and incredibly flavorful. Just ask my little cookie monsters!

First blend together the pumpkin, eggs, coconut sugar, and vanilla. Then slowly add the flour, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice and salt. Mix until combined and then add the melted coconut oil. This way the coconut oil does not harden and blends well with all the other ingredients. Once mixed then add chopped pecans and white chocolate chips (or milk chocolate chips if you prefer).

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are another one of my favorites. But using white chocolate chips just gives these cookies a warm buttery flavor without the butter. Make sure to get dairy free white chocolate chips to keep the recipes totally dairy free.

I promise you will be pleasantly pleased by the savory taste in these pumpkin cookies! Perfect for the upcoming holidays, especially if you are trying to decrease your sugar intake.


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