Carrot Butternut Squash Soup

Naturally sweet, carrot soup makes an ideal high fiber, low calorie delicious and easy healthy soup! Combine it with roasted butternut squash and you have a sweet nutty nutritious meal the whole family will enjoy! To save time, roast the butternut squash in advance and leave it in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Do you like how we have just gone from an ice cream post to soup in the same week? That is Santa Barbara California weather for ya! One day it is cold and rainy and the next day it is sunny and we are eating ice cream. Then it is rainy again and I am pulling this carrot soup out of the freezer for dinner.

Notice how the most inspiring things come from how the weather determines your mood and by people you surround yourselves with each day? A good rule of thumb is to spend quality time with friends that lift you up and provide healthy nurturing relationships. Life is short and your time is precious and valuable on this earth. I didn’t realize this so much in my 20’s.

I truly love spending quality time with my friends but since my children are going older and my oldest is in T-K and sports I find my time with friends is very slim these days. In-between family time and the solo time with the kids you can find me baking away nourishing this blog; my creative outlet.

Play dates are especially important for children and for us mamas and papas to have time with friends maybe that be at the park, someone’s home or in my case, at the gym. I am at the gym almost  everyday after school drop off and love the days when a girlfriend and I are on the same schedule to squeeze in a chatty workout together!

Well the other day I was working out with my friend Stephanie and we were brainstorming our favorite recipes. She is vegetarian and cooks super healthy, has two beautiful little girls and exhilarates amazing positive energy that is like a magnet to be around! One of the recipes brought about in conversation is carrot soup and how deliciously easy it is to make! I did not have a carrot soup recipe on the blog yet and both my boys love tomato soup and its rich Vitamin A and beta-carotene color that just glows at you saying “EAT ME!”

I rushed to the store, bought a few ingredients and tried this out with spices I had in the pantry. I have made this two ways and both ways were delicious but I have to say roasting the butternut squash prior to adding it to the soup brings out a sweetness from roasting. Roasting is also a better way to cook the squash because boiling or over cooking can decrease the nutrients in the vegetables and kill the Vitamin C. So do not overcook this recipe on high heat because heating on low will still get you tons of nutrients from the broth:-)

How to save time making carrot soup

Use pre-diced squash or roast the butternut squash ahead of time. Once your butternut squash is cooked and cooled, store the squash in the refrigerator and scoop it from the skin 10 minutes before the soup is ready.

Or for an even easier recipe, grab a bag of pre-dice and peeled butternut squash from your local grocery store and just add it with the rest of the ingredients. Slow cooking this healthy carrot soup will keep the freshest taste as opposed to high heat where it will loose vital nutrients.

How to make healthy carrot soup:

Chop everything first to prepare your soup. Do not worry about making sure every ingredient is super fine. Who likes to slave in kitchen chopping anyways? But do make sure it is small enough to cook evenly. Butternut squash can be about 1 inch cubes and carrots can be about ½ inch slices. Onions and celery can be ½ inch diced.

Literally toss it all into a pot, cover, simmer and let cool. Once your soup has cooled puree it in a blender. Then heat to the warmth you desire.


*If roasting the butternut squash do this ahead of time by slicing it in half and setting it upright on a baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees F for about 40 minutes- 1 hour or until soft in the center if you poke it with a fork.

*Young smaller carrots will produce a sweeter carrot soup where using large carrots have a less sweet flavor.

The ingredients:

This easy carrot soup recipe has ginger in it too! Ginger is great for helping tame an upset belly and fight the flue and common colds. But it gets its robust flavor also from fresh carrots, sweet apple, celery, onion, salty broth and nutty butternut squash.

Butternut squash, a beautiful winter squash, and Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and half a cup contains enough to equal more than 80% RDA of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vitamin that is know help prevent blindness, help lower cholesterol levels and protect against cancer. 

My boys love creamy pureed soups. And most of the time the soup is naturally creamy simply from all the fibrous vegetables and not from actual cream. Their favorite is tomato soup and pureed pizza stew. When I served this at dinner their faces sit up thinking it was tomato soup. I even gave them the option to have bow-tie pasta for dinner our soup and they both chose soup!

I served both of my boys soups in a cup with a straw to prevent spilling and they sipped it up within minutes with a crunchy slice of buttered bread.

No need for any cream in this low calorie carrot soup. It is packed full of veggies and spices and an abundance of naturally sweet goodness your body will love!

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