Candy Corn Martini – Fun for Halloween!

A candy corn martini recipe! Serve this candy corn cocktail as a traditional Halloween after-dinner drink that can be served on their own or served with fresh fruits and tasty desserts!

Alright ya’ll Halloween is slowly creeping up on us! Eeek! What are your plans for the big day? Are you heading to a gathering or throwing a fun celebration at your home? Whatever you decide, everyone needs to eat…. and a few of us may want to enjoy a fun candy corn cordial cocktail or martini before playing dress-up with the kids! And sorry it might not quite fall into a simple healthy recipes category, but it sure is simple and ok to have a little indulgence every now and then. This Candy Corn Cordials recipe was introduced to me from Food Network Magazine and let me tell you- it is AMAZING!

Why this Halloween cocktail recipe works

Perfect for Halloween Cocktails! This candy corn martini is exhibits true Halloween flavors and colors of sweetness and orange, yellow and light hues. Adding sprinkles to line the rim of the glass in orange and black make this cordial incredibly fun!

When you just need a sweet treat at the end of the night! Martini’s are made of mostly alcohol and these candy corn martinis are shaken and stirred with everyone’s sugary holiday favorite candy! When you want something sweet at the end of the day- these for sure sooth a sweet tooth!

Made without corn syrup mixes! During the HOLIDAY SEASON (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) we enjoy this homemade apple cider recipe with added Cointreau or Grand Marnier, and vegan spiked eggnog. And these super fun candy corn martini’s that are sweetened with candy sweeteners instead of corn syrup mixes (for a healthier version use natural candy corn without the dyes)! My husband was slightly skeptical as he doesn’t like sweet drinks, but when his lips touched the glass and sipped this perfect cocktail – it was a winner! We both love how it is slightly creamy yet not overly sweet.

What ingredients go into this candy corn martini

Number ONE on the list- candy corn! Candy corn and vodka make up the “simple syrup” solution. Then orange liquor and lemon juice add flavor and egg white adds froth and thickness to this cocktail recipe. It is optional, but you can add in Halloween colored sprinkles to line the glass for a colorful addition.

How to make this recipe

First, soak the vodka in candy corn for about 3 hours. This next part is optional: but when you are ready to mix the ingredients and serve, (use your finger) add chocolate syrup around the rim of the glass to make sprinkles stick to the top. Add sprinkles to a dish and flip the martini glass over and press the sprinkles up the sides of an upside-down martini glass to set.

Fill a cocktail shaker and add the infused vodka, orange liquor, lemon juice, and egg white and shake it vigorously for 30 seconds. Then pour the candy corn cocktail into two martini glasses.


What candy corn is best to use for these cocktails?

You can use any candy corn. I recommend using a natural kind that contains no corn syrups or GMO’s and uses natural dyes such as this one.

Shake it up in a martini shaker.

This candy corn martini tastes best shaken rather than stirred in ice. The flavors taste best frothed together in egg white when shaken and served chilled. Using a martini shaker does just the trick to strain out chunks of ice.

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