Easy Popsicle Recipes: Strawberry Banana and Kiwi Spinach

Popsicle recipes made at home are a deliciously healthy alternative to store-bought ice pops. Use whole food fruits and vegetables, blend into a smoothie and freeze with a toothpick, straw or popsicle stick. Enjoy as a frozen healthy snack or dessert!

As spring and summer set in days stretch long into colorful dusk evenings. Strawberries are blooming and spinach is still fresh. What comes to mind when warmer days are near? Popsicles! Now take a moment and imagine the sweet smell of strawberries and banana blended together with coconut water. Then think about the loud turns of the blender freezing together tropical kiwi, pineapple fruit and a dash of spinach (that you can’t taste!). Add a bit of “something, something” and you’ve just transformed these two healthy popsicle recipes into adult pops!

On a warm day, eating these popsicles it is like going to the tropical islands for a few moments of bliss! Each frozen homemade pop is sweetened with honey and natural sugar in fruit. Not a spec of hydrogenated anything to be found or ingredients too hard to pronounce. Unnatural dyes don’t exist in this blissful experience. These are also a good source of B-vitamins thanks to the honey and complete with vitamin c, protein and calcium from natural whole food ingredients. Homemade popsicle recipes are a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. And yours too!

It is true- you can have your cake and eat it too! Or in this case, have your frozen dessert and no guilt too! Especially if the dessert has no refined sugars, is made of whole food fruits and vegetables and blended with high potassium coconut water. Two kinds of homemade popsicles we have been enjoying lately are strawberry banana and tropical kiwi spinach. The kiwi spinach can also be enjoyed as a kiwi smoothie, just sprinkle a bit of coconut shreds on top. My kids and I are obsessed with these healthy sweet treats. This week we also made creamy cheesecake ice pops, strawberry Greek yogurt, and lemon-lime basil popsicles made out of an ice cub tray with straws for sticks. I will save each of those for a later post… I hope you can wait!

If it can be made into a smoothie it can be made into a tasty frozen popsicle! These homemade popsicle recipes are loaded with vitamins and minerals and a great way for getting kids to eat healthy! We use this ice pop maker for ours.

The obsession with Popsicle recipes are contagious. In my opinion Popsicle’s are the perfect dessert treat and healthy snack. These are so healthy they can be eaten for breakfast! I mean really, who doesn’t enjoy a bunch of sugary sweet fruit frozen that savors slowly on the lips as it melts? They take forever to eat unless you like to experience a few brain freezes from eating ice cream and popsicles too fast. I rarely buy store bough Popsicles unless my boys come down with a sudden illness and I have no time to make them. How to make popsicles? Just blend the ingredients together, pour, freeze and enjoy!

5 Benefits To A Homemade Ice Pop

  1. Feel Clean and Lean – Can control the ingredients with all natural food.
  2. Kids Eat Vegetables – Its a fun and delicious way for kids to eat more whole food fruits and vegetables.
  3. Glowing Skin – Natural ingredients, no dyes.
  4. Save Money on snacks – Easy to make and costs less to buy the ingredients than it does to get it prepackaged.
  5. Better Digestion – Using blended whole foods keeps the fiber in the fruits and vegetables.

5 Easy Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Watermelon Coconut Ice Cream Popsicles
Avocado Popsicles
Homemade Orange Cream Popsicles
Cucumber Lime and Mint Popsicles
Mint Chocolate No Bake Cheesecake

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