How To Train Your Dragon 3 Movie Night + Dragon Droplets Recipe

Plan family movie night with How To Train Your Dragon 3 DVD Gift Set! Includes winning healthy snack ideas like “Dragon Droplets” for making a fun filled family movie night the kids can get involved putting together! 

Who’s ready for family movie night! We kinda live for our Friday game nights and Saturday family movie nights around here! My husband and I look forward to those snuggles on the couch with the kids as much as they look forward to watching their beloved movies.

My kids just adore the series of How To Train Your Dragon and when the third edition came out they were beyond stoked to put together a whole theme night including the DVD, toys, shirts and foodie snacks inspired by the movie! You have gotta love a good kid movie that captivates the hearts of the parent too. And this one totally does!

Ever have those dreams where you are flying? Mine usually occur over rolling hills or the deep blue sea. I imagine that is what it is like riding a dragon!

What this move does is it inspires the fascinating thoughts of a getting to fly, dragons becoming man’s best friend who is your protector no matter what. The move shows children the importance of persevering, adapting, fighting for something you believe in, doing the hard things even though it is the right then , and being there for those you love, no matter what. And it shows the love of letting go- of course all with fire and knights and flying!!! And….

A girl! How To Train A Dragon 3 has a new dragon brought into the mix- a female dragon. She is beautifully white as snow, fierce, and keeps the men in her life on their toes. Just as all us ladies do!

Ok…that is only the start of what enthralls children with the popular movie How To Train Your Dragon 3. I’ll let you watch it and find out for yourself the rest😊.

In honor of the new movie How To Train Your Dragon 3 we put together a fun family movie night fully themed and decked out! My kids could not wait to get their hands on and purchase the third DVD, t-shirts and their toys as soon as it was released at Walmart. In fact, we’ve had a few How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie nights already and it’s only been available for 2 weeks!

Ok, lets make your movie night magic!

How To Make A Family Movie Night Themed with How To Train Your Dragon 3

  • Head to Walmart and purchase the new release of How to Train Your Dragon 3 Walmart Exclusive DVD Gift Set today (gift set includes 2 Funko keychains)! You can singly pick-up a t-shirt in the children’s department, the DVD in in electronics and the toys in the toy section.
  • Plan your night to watch the movie and shop for snack ingredients. Some nights when we have movie night we skip dinner and just make our movie snacks dinner.

Healthy Food for Family Movie Night

  • Stovetop Popcorn (printable recipe below)
  • Dragon Droplets also known as Date-based Energy Bites😊 (included in this post) – my kids love making this with me and rolling them into balls then dipping them into sugared cocoa powder.
  • Party Platter full of healthy snacks – create your own using your favorite fruits and vegetables or create this Healthy Snacks Party Platter (printable recipe below). You can arrange with any of your favorite vegetables, fruit and goodies. Use cheese sticks, or cut cucumbers horizontal to make “Knight Swords”. Or pretend the carrots or natural cheese puff sticks are “Dragon Fire”! Let the kids pick out their favorite produce and have them arrange all the goodies on a platter.

Make the Dragon Droplets Energy Bites ahead and keep them stored in the refrigerator. You can also make them and keep them frozen until ready to serve. They will thaw quickly and this way they last a while through the movie if they are not eaten all at once!

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Get excited with these ideas to make your own How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie night a memorable one. Enjoy with your family and even invite your friends over too!

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