Healthy Summer Spaghetti Recipe

Use up fresh zucchini, yellow squash and juicy plum tomatoes in this mouthwatering healthy spaghetti recipe! This gluten-free summer pasta doesn’t compare to other spaghetti!

Nothing rings summer as much as grilled vegetables and summer pasta dishes made with the most flavorful seasonal produce! This pasta recipe is delicious, packed with protein, won’t bloat the waistline (like traditional pasta), is dairy-free and loaded with fiber!

One thing I really love. And that is feasting on my Italian side. Another obsession is grilled vegetables, especially summer squash and vibrant red tomatoes.

My husband is laughing because I literally could eat an entire farm of vegetables… especially if they are grilled or roasted. Grilling and roasting vegetables bring out a natural sweetness and their killer abundant flavor that works well with pasta!

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Spaghetti is a cheap family favorite meal, only it is packed with carbs. We can curb that carb amount by swapping out half the pasta noodles for grilled vegetables and cooked chicken breast. I promise making summer pasta this way turns the flavor way up!

Especially when mixed in red marinara sauce.

This version of pasta has a delightful mixture of fresh vegetables and cooked chicken to outweigh the amount of pasta noodles.

When my mom was visiting last week she made sure to let me know she REALLY does not like zucchini or squash.

Growing up for her, anytime she ate squash it was always overcooked and mushy. Grilling helps to take the mush out😊 and crisp up the colorful exterior.

When I made this dinner she enjoyed her entire plate and was taken away how delicious it is! She was then quick to ask for the recipe!

How to Make Healthy Spaghetti

  • Cut the carbs – Cut the carbs in half by adding loads of vegetables and meat. You can add as many vegetables and low fat meat as you want.
  • Leave out the cheese – Most people that are gluten-free are also lactose free as both gluten and lactose can shred the lining of the gut. Even without the cheese this summer pasta is still delicious.
  • Use low fat meat– use a low fat meat such as chicken breast or ground turkey meat. This reduces the fat content and adds an abundance of protein.

Spaghetti and Vegetable Tips

  • Pour ice cold water over noodles. Don’t overcook the noodles. Gluten-free noodles may become more soft if cooked too long so once they finish boiling, drain and rinse right away. Then pour chilled water on top to stop their cooking.
  • No grill, no problem- just roast! If you don’t have a grill nearby there is an option for you to roast the vegetables instead.
  • Cook the zucchini, yellow squash and onion first then the spaghetti noodles when next. You can also cook the vegetables and meat the day before.
  • Save the fresh tomatoes for last. Add juicy sweet tomatoes at the end and heat slightly before serving. This keeps the tomatoes natural sweetness and adds tons flavor!
  • Make sure your tomatoes are sweet. Some tomatoes taste like water- fresh and seasonal tomatoes will make this dish taste even better.
  • Salt zucchini and squash after slicing. Cut zucchini horizontal into strips and make sure to add some salt to pull out extra water. Blot that with a paper towel then add oil to prevent sticking.
  • Cut onions into circles or rings. Then add oil to them to prevent sticking. Make sure the rings are pretty thick, about ¼ inch so they stay together.

If you are vegetarian, you can still make this healthy spaghetti by leaving out the chicken substituting it with tofu.

This healthy spaghetti recipe is:
  • savory
  • sweet
  • comforting
  • low fat
  • high in protein
  • has anti-cancer properties
  • is rich in vitamin A
  • high in fiber
  • good for the heart
  • gluten-free and dairy-free (so better for your gut!)
  • experience less bloating than other spaghetti recipes

This healthy spaghetti recipe is summer pasta winner! Although we love to enjoy it year-round 😊. This pasta recipe makes 8 hearty servings, but you can cut it in half (using half a pack of spaghetti) and serve 4.

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