Skinny Margarita On The Rocks

Think FRESH for this classic skinny margarita cocktail recipe! It takes just minutes to extract fresh lime juice and it makes all the difference in these margaritas! Made with fresh juice, non-processed sugar, and tequila! Now you’re ready to go- shake it, stir it, pour it, and enjoy!

Add this skinny margarita beverage to your favorite Cinco de Mayo, Fiesta, and summer cocktails of choice! It’s perfect to enjoy with a tasty bowl of Skinny Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Salad, Cod Fish Tacos, Blackened Rockfish, Whitefish Ceviche, or Homemade Guacamole!

Why make this recipe

+ The best margarita cocktail around! These lime margaritas on the rocks are guilt free compared to a traditional margarita since there is no processed sugars and all the ingredients are completely natural with no triple sec and using the juice of fresh lime.

+ It’s all about fresh lime juice here. Make sure to use fresh juice from fresh citrus fruits because boy does it make the difference in a margarita! Plus lime juice is alkaline to help balance the acidity levels in the body from alcohol.

+ Refreshing cocktail! This skinny margarita recipe is so tasty, light and refreshing! And with the high humidity heat in Texas, you’ll be sure to find me poolside sipping on these skinny margaritas! Since there is less sugar and it is lower in calories, I love that I don’t pack on pounds like other margaritas tend to do😵.

What ingredients go into this recipe

  • fresh lime juice
  • water
  • maple syrup or agave syrup
  • good tequila
  • salt – optional around the rim

Traditional Mexican margarita ingredients are usually made with triple sec, tequila (Patron or Grand Mariner), and lemon or lime juice shaken or on the rocks. This skinny margarita recipe has only 4 ingredients: fresh squeezed lime juice, water, maple syrup and tequila shaken, not stirred…lol!

How to make this drink recipe

STEP 1: Combine all ingredients to a glass starting with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and add 1-2 more if you like it sweeter. Whisk together and pour over ice into two glasses. Garnish with fresh mint.

STEP 2: If you like salt, dip the rim of the glasses into water then dip into salt to line the tops of the glasses before pouring the skinny margaritas into them. Garnish with fresh mint.

Faqs and expert tips

What makes a skinny margarita?

The amount of sugar and what type of sugar in a margarita is what makes them skinny. Most of the calories in a margarita are empty calories from added processed sugar and simple syrups. Making a skinny margarita is a wonderful way to control your sugar consumption and the amount added in drinks.

How do you order a low sugar margarita when out?

You can order a “healthier” margarita when out by ordering your drink with lime, tequila, and fresh lime. Have them skip the triple sec and you can add Stevia to sweeten it. Or order your drink with half the amount of sweetener that they usually use.

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