Chocolate Mousse Infused With Kahlua and Cream

Easy chocolate mousse recipe made naturally with rich chocolate, Kahlua liqueur, vanilla, egg, and topped with thick homemade whipped cream! A fabulous dessert served in small portions for a large crowd!

Kahlua Chocolate Mousse with Cream and Eggs

Oh my goodness, have you had the opportunity to indulge in a really good chocolate mousse recipe? Well you are in for a big treat because this dessert is infused with Kahlua which gives it a beautiful chocolate / coffee / liqueur taste! Enjoy this one friend, because it is the best!

Chocolate mousse happens to be my favorite all time dessert. With every bite this chocolate mousse is rich, loaded with Kahlua and chocolate flavors, and a thick creaminess that resembles a combination of chocolate ganache mixed with whipped cream. Chocolate mousse is creamy and exceptionally good infused with Kahlua chocolate liqueur and fluffy homemade whipped cream on top.

Ok, this recipe is not quite in the healthy department, but everything in moderation and made with natural ingredients is better for you anyways.

What goes into this mousse recipe

Choose good quality ingredients and organic cream and eggs which is made without antibiotics and hormones added. If you prefer a non-alcoholic chocolate mousse, skip the kahlua liquor and just use really good chocolate.

  • medium size organic eggs
  • organic heavy whipping cream – (organic if available)
  • Kahlua (adds a beautiful addition of dark rum and coffee liqueur flavor!)
  • really good semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels (or chocolate of choice)
  • vanilla extract
  • German chocolate bar for shaved topping

KETO OPTION: Skip the Kahlua and use keto chocolate chips in place of regular chocolate chips. That way this chocolate mousse recipe is loaded with keto friendly ingredients!

How to make the best Chocolate Mousse recipe

First, separate the egg white from the egg yolk and set aside. The whites will be whipped into a fluffy cloud that blends with the chocolate! Next you’ll make the whipped cream by mixing half of the heavy whipping cream (1 cup) with an electric mixer cream until a soft firm peak forms, then set it aside.

Then we melt the chocolate. Melt chocolate morsels in a bowl over boiling water or in the microwave for about 45 seconds until the morsels start to melt. Once they start to melt, using a spoon or spatula, mix them until fully melted.

Once the chocolate is melted add the Kahlua to the melted chocolate and mix together. Then add the egg yolks and quickly mix it with the hot melted chocolate before it hardens.

Next, pour the yolk and chocolate mixture into the fluffy homemade whipped cream and fold over to combine. Now we make make the fluffy egg white part that mixes with into the kahlua chocolate mousse. With an electric mixer whip the egg whites until a fluffy stiff peak forms, and add the egg whites to the fluffy chocolate Kahlua mixture and gently fold together to combine.

Make the whipped cream topping using the remaining 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.

Serve and top the Kahlua chocolate mousse with homemade whipped cream topping by transferring it a plastic baggie, cut a slit at the bottom to easily dispense the whipped cream. Chill for 1-2 hours before serving to set and harden or covered up to 1 day.

Now that you have how to make chocolate mousse down, add a few German chocolate shavings on the top right before serving and enjoy!

Mousse: Frequently Asked Questions

What is chocolate mousse made of?

Traditionally chocolate mousse is made of chocolate, cream, eggs, sugar, and sometimes butter to make it extra creamy! We infuse our chocolate mousse recipe with kahlua and leave out the extra sugar and butter. The result is still a light and fluffy beautifully rich dessert with a hint of coffee flavor.

What is the difference between chocolate pudding and chocolate mousse?

Chocolate pudding is a combination of heating milk with a sugar base and chocolate or cocoa powder then adding gelatin or cornstarch to thicken the texture. Chocolate mousse is not heated and is the combination of folding in egg whites or whipped cream into melted chocolate (or a sugar base) to add air. The air of the whipped egg whites or whipped cream makes mousse lighter and fluffier than chocolate pudding.

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