Anti-Inflammatory Curry Rice Vegetable Bowl

Easiest curry rice recipe slowly marinated Indian spices in the slow cooker with cabbage, broccoli and mushrooms. An excellent vegetarian kid-friendly dish! Serve as a side or add cannelini beans and broth to turn into soup.

My son looked at this picture and said “I like that one mom.” I had to asked him twice to repeat that because he has eaten this once when we originally  made it. But I have to question with kids since they like something one day and hate it the next. So I made again and it checked out 5-year old approved! This is one curry rice recipe that both the boys enjoyed a few times and I am sharing in hopes your picky eaters like it too since it is packed with veggies!

That sure makes for a nice meal when curry rice is slowly cooked for hours with no effort in preparing it. And a bonus is that it has chopped cabbage, broccoli and mushrooms in it. Sneaking in these vegetables works sometimes, but not all the time with my boys. How the heck to they see every. single. dot of green! If I chop veggies super fine I can sometimes get away with it. It kind of blends with other textures like the light and fluffy brown rice.

I like to tell the boys “those are power mushrooms that make your bones grow – but only if you eat them with a food that is yellow. What, the rice is yellow so lets see if it works! Wow, I see your bones growing!” They think its a fun game! Not sure how long that one will last!

The nice thing about adding chopped green cabbage and cooked broccoli is that it blends into the yellow color of the brown rice. Wow, double bone growth power!

Growing up I hated rice for some reason. We ate mostly Italian dishes, steak and potatoes, chicken with salad but never really Mexican or rice as a side dish. It was not until I married my husband and was in my mid 30’s that I started to slowly appreciate rice. I even asked restaurants to leave it out in my burritos until I was about 34. I remember that only because I have been eating rice for a year now! SAAAAY WHAAT??! Ha! Sushi rolls are my favorite. I totally dig a big log of rice served that way. I am slowly appreciating rice more and more each day. An acquired taste.

An acquired taste specially now that I know the health benefits of brown rice and wild rice (as opposed to white rice).

Benefits of curry rice

Brown rice is rich in selenium and manganese. Helps reduce the build-up or artery plaque since it is a whole grain. Is brown rice is high in fiber which helps promote weight loss. Have extra rice? Turn it into brown rice flour to use for another recipe!

Wild rice helps to reduce diabetes, promotes weight loss due to high fiber, boosts the immune system and is anti-aging (source).

Curry spices are incredibly healing. Turmeric is the main spice in most Indian dishes. It compliments vegetables and helps prevent cancer, aids to protect the body against heart disease, reduces Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, decreases inflammation and helps the liver to flush out toxins from the body.

Here is a quick video how to make curry rice.

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