Coconut Granola Bites

Coconut granola bites! These granola bars are baked in a muffin pan and drizzle with chocolate!

Coconut granola bites drizzled in warm melted chocolate compounded into one sentence equals the question “Can it really be healthy?” Yes! And delicious! My husband and kids absolutely love these coconut granola bites and I make them all the time into granola bars. But this time I tried baking it in a muffin pan and it was way more convenient to pop them suckers out, all ready to decorate with chocolate and eat in their individual compact forms.

This past Thursday night we had a friend over for dinner and I made a lovely tomato cucumber salad with grilled asparagus and cheesy grilled chicken sausage sandwiches. To top the night off (and really good red wine), we had these granola “bites” for dessert. These coconut granola bites are great for snacks for kids, snacks to take to sports games, or as a dessert and they are high in fiber, protein and have no processed sugars.


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