Healthy Ghostly Chocolate Marshmallow Treats

Chewy chocolate in every bite, these Healthy Ghostly Chocolate Marshmallow Treats have no added salt and are gluten-free with a vegan option.

Connecting with a moms group after my babies were born has been a saving grace. The unconditional love, friendships and knowledge us moms share with each other and watching our kids grow up together is special. We all grow and support one another through the challenging years of having young ones at home. A mother’s job is incredible and humble. It is being a kids rock, the foundation that keeps them strong, their caretaker, doctor, cleaner, servant, cook, ref, cheerleader… you get the point.

The list feels like it never ends. And that is o.k., I don’t want it to end. I want these times of my children needing me and us caring for each other to last forever. And connecting with other moms just makes a community stronger. Two groups that I have been involved with are Mamatoto and PEP in Santa Barbara – both great organizations to become involved with if you are a new or existing parent.

This past weekend we celebrated the mark of our Mamatoto babies turning 4! Since we celebrate in October it only felt festive to make something focused on a Halloween theme. Chase requests anything chocolate so that is what we made: Healthy Chocolate Marshmallow Treats!

The delicacy and secret of a healthy dessert is creating a delicious treat with minimal sugars and salt. But then again, I feel like everything is pretty “healthy” when it is made from scratch and consumed in moderation. Poor Chase has a hard time with this when it comes to chocolate!

There is no self control and he. Just. Cant. Stop! So when we made these I had to be helicopter momma making sure he was not sneaking any from the fridge before the party.

This tasty healthy recipe treat needs to be made anytime and especially to serve as a Halloween party snack!

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