10 Minute Healthy Pomegranate Salad

The colors and flavors of fall are fully enjoyed in our home right now. One of those flavors includes pomegranates. My in-laws have a few pomegranate trees where they live with a plethora of this antioxidant fruit that needed picking. We brought those baby’s home for salad.

I usually buy pomegranate seeds instead of the whole fruit because when I try to remove the seeds myself, it looks like a bloody murder mess in my kitchen. No joke, there was red EVERYWHERE! On every wall, counter top, my face and my shirt. I warn you, if you are going to remove seeds from your pomegranate fruit, do it with OLD clothes on. Or watch this simple video on how to seed a pomegranate properly.

So I had a full basket of fruit and decided to make it into a holiday salad. For the dressing I suggest cutting the pomegranate in half and then squeezing the juice out into a bowl. This is so simple to make and is refreshing, delicious and a well balanced meal. A well dressed salad comes with tasteful satisfying dressing.



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