Pink Latte (Beet Latte)

The exotic pink latte also known as a beet latte! Packed with natural sweetness from beetroot powder and dairy-free milk, this drink is not only a unique and bright way to boost your energy, but also is rich in antioxidants and vitamins for a delicious treat.

This popular pink latte is especially fun to enjoy around Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and for a girls baby shower celebration thanks to its natural pink hue. It is an amazing blood cleansing tea to drink, and much heathier than the average Starbucks latte.

A beetroot drink is wonderful for you. Now, you can whip together a homemade pink beet latte in no-time, using beetroot powder, which is extremally nourishing and wonderful for blood flow (oh hey there thinking cap, the blood is moving better in my brain now!). This was inspired by my turmeric tea latte on this site, and is similar to a green tea latte. It pairs well with this Valentine’s Day muddy buddies and vegan beet sugar cookies, which also uses beets.

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  • Pink Latte (Beet Latte)

What is a pink latte made of?

Here’s what you need to make a fancy café beet latte in the comfort of your home without heading to the coffee shop! Plus, enjoy it anytime of the day!

There is no caffeine, so this pink latte is a great drink to sip on in the evening as it will not have any effect on sleep. Try it making a pink latte with this DIY Almond Milk recipe.

  • organic beet powder – this beetroot powder is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO
  • dairy-free milk – you can use cow milk too, but we suggest almond milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk (not canned) for this vegan version
  • maple syrup, stevia, or agave syrup – to sweeten the pink latte

See recipe card for quantities.

How to make a vegan pink beetroot latte

In a blender add the milk, maple syrup, and 1 teaspoon beet powder. Blend until smooth. Add up to 1 tablespoon beet powder, or desired strength of the flavor.

In a small saucepan add the mixture and heat on medium-high until warm or hot, stirring occasionally. Pour into a mug and serve right away. Optional to use a frother to heat and froth extra milk and add foam to the top.

Hint: we like to use this blender to make this latte so that all the beet powder gets dissolved. You can whisk it together over the stove too on medium-low heat. Another option is to heat half the milk and use this frother to add foam on top of your pink latte.


This pink latte recipe is made vegan with dairy-free almond milk. You can also make it with cow milk. Or try any other favorite milk like oat milk or hempseed milk for a nut-free variation.

  • Iced pink beet latte – to make this an iced pink beet latte, blend the ingredients in the blender and skip the heating instructions. Then serve in a glass over ice.
  • Sweeteners – add maple syrup, 1 teaspoon of stevia, or any of these maple syrup substitutions to sweeten your latte.
  • Green tea latte – make a green tea latte the same way as this pink beet latte, just substitute the beet powder for green tea matcha powder.

Try even adding 1 teaspoon of beet powder this vegan hot chocolate recipe on my website!

Beetroot powder

I have a fond obsession with beet powder lately, which is great to color foods naturally pink like this pink puppy chow, or simply use the whole beet in these beet cookies. Beet powder is also great to add to smoothies, beetroot juice, and even in a vegan latte recipe in place of using a raw or roasted beet!

Here is the beet root powder I recommend found on Amazon.

Benefits of a beet latte

Beets are incredibly good for the blood (hence their rich and vibrant reddish purple color). Betacyanin give beets its vibrant magenta red coloring and is rich in antioxidants. Did you know, you can even turn beetroot into fries! Beetroot is a superfood to detox and cleanse the body through cleansing the blood and keeping the body pure.

Adding a beet supplement to your diet can help lower blood pressure. According to this article, beets health benefits are they:

  • rich in antioxidants
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce oxidative stress
  • improve cognition
  • improve endothelial function
  • prevent dementia
  • supports a healthy digestive system
  • improves blood circulation
  • healthy looking skin
  • boosts immune system

Top tip

Beet powder is strong so start with 1 teaspoon and work your way up to 1 tablespoon which is 3 teaspoons, and a serving. You can use our teaspoons to tablespoons conversion chart for reference. See what amount you like best. These images are made with 1 tablespoon of beet powder.

Beetroot latte taste

What does a pink colored beetroot latte taste like? Beets are naturally slightly sweet. Beetroot powder adds a slight sweetness mixed with vanilla almond milk and makes this pink late sweet and delicious with earthy notes.

Side effects

What are the side effects of drinking or consuming too many beets, beet power, or beet juice? You may see may see pink stools, just from drinking beet powder and beets which is normal. But consuming too much beets may cause a change in color of urine, risk of kidney stone, anaphylaxis, and an upset stomach.

Although, one pink latte per day should not cause these side effects. If you do start to experience kidney stones, anaphylaxis allergic reaction, or an upset stomach then stop consuming beets.


Is beetroot powder good for you?

Yes! Beetroot powder is good for you. Red beetroot consumption is nitrate-rich and helps promote healthy cardiovascular performance in response to exercise in women. Beets also has an influence on gut microbial populations with benefits to the intestinal wall and systematic health.

Is it ok to drink beetpowder everyday?

Yes, you can drink beet powder everyday and it is wonder for digestion, cognitive health, and is packed with antioxidants. How much beet powder to have per day? Two to five teaspoons per day of beet powder is all you should consume each day.

Can you mix beets with milk?

Yes! For an easy combination use beet powder with milk and mix it. You can also use roasted beets and blend one in the blender with your favorite milk. Then heat it on the stove for a hot latte or serve over ice to make an iced latte.

More latte, teas, and beet root powder recipes

Looking for other recipes like this? Try these, and add 1 tablespoon beetroot powder to hot chocolate for a variation:

  • Turmeric Golden Milk Tea
  • Best Detox Teas and Homemade Detox Tea Recipe
  • Valentine’s Muddy Buddies (Puppy Chow)
  • Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe


These are my favorite sides and dishes to serve with a pink latte for brunch or coffee and tea time:

  • Healthy Vegan Sugar Cookies Made With Beets (not just the juice!)
  • Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Scones With Maple Drizzle
  • Spinach Quiche With Fire Roasted Red Peppers and Goat Cheese

I hope you enjoy this pink latte recipe, because my heart “beets” for you! Get it?…all pun intended 😊!

If you make this pretty pink vegan beetroot latte recipe from Delightful Mom Food I would love to see your creations and share it! Follow along with me on INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER to be featured and for more recipe inspiration! And don’t forget to rate the recipe in the recipe area and leave a comment below!

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