Healthy Italian Turkey Burger Recipe

Healthy turkey burger recipe (turkey, onion, seasonings/herbs and olive oil) sizzling with Italian flavors! Serve these ground turkey patties on a gluten-free bun with fresh red peppers and vegetables or over pasta with marinara sauce!

When I asked my husband to describe what comes to mind when he thinks about a burger his answer is “American”. What does that even mean?

I then polished off his phrase with “American style- thick, juicy, meaty patty that your mouth just waters at the first glance. Stacked so high you are trying to figure out how to wrap your lips around it! Because nothing says burger greater than a big slab of juicy meat grilled or sizzled on the stove-top with a toppling-over presentation, right?!

And can we talk about the sound of a sizzling meat patty cooking to hearty perfection? When I was making this super easy healthy turkey burger recipe my mouth was just drooling from the sound and aromas of Italian flavors filling the kitchen!

Our whole family loves these healthy turkey burgers – even the kiddos – and my husband kept raving about “these are really good burgers, especially since they are turkey meat!”! They are delicious as burgers or chopped into a giant bowl of Italian pasta (gluten-free pasta… wink, wink!).

If you want to make your own hamburger buns Paleo Gluten Free has a great recipe for paleo gluten free hamburger buns. Cassava flour is an excellent flour to use for grain-free nut-free breads and if paleo is not your concern just go for Udi’s or Rudi’s brand gluten-free hamburger buns.

Since I do not eat red meat I like to get the leanest version ground turkey. Ground turkey nutritional value varies based on fat content and saturated fats and comes in about 93%-99% lean. The leanest ground turkey meat is 99% fat free and only has about 1-2 grams of fat per serving but the same about of protein as the full fat version. I suggest getting the leanest and organic meat version possible for maximum health benefits.

There are only 4-Ingredients in this healthy turkey burger recipe!

  1. Ground turkey meat – get the leanest 99% fat free for the healthiest. Incredibly high in protein which helps to build and repair muscles.
  2. Seasonings & herbs Рpink salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, garlic powder and basil. Chalk full of flavors! I just love basil and my kids grab handfuls of our blooming plant from the backyard all the time to snack on. Basil is amazing! It helps fight cancer, promotes cardiovascular healthy and helps to fight viruses and colds. Really any Italian food I am all about thanks to their cancer fighting properties (garlic, basil, cooked tomatoes!).
  3. Onion – adds an abundance of flavors and contains vitamin C, chromium (regulates blood sugar levels), and onions are an anti-inflammatory.
  4. Olive oil – full of healthy fats to help the patties cook evenly!

This really is the best turkey burger recipe! So healthy, light, juicy, packed full of abundant flavors and is ready in less than 30 minutes! We love to serve this healthy turkey burger recipe on gluten-free hamburger buns topped with

red pepper slices
tomato slices
broccoli sprouts

… and a beautiful edible flowered side salad!

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