Paleo Pie Crust With Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream

Paleo pie crust filled with fresh fruit and topped with fluffy whipped topping! This healthy pie comes together quickly with summer’s finest fresh berries! It’s perfect for special events or holidays and anyone wanting a light and tasty fruit dessert! 

It’s like a fresh fruit platter landed on top of a dessert pie cookie crust then cool whip came down from the heavens for heavenly flavor! Serve this pie on a dessert table or for brunch alongside homemade keto crackers, paleo chocolate chip cookies, these paleo pancakes, and with these easy 3-ingredient brownies! It is even delicious with a spread of this homemade nutella recipe on the base under the fruit.

Be sure to also try our sugar-free whipped cream on top of this paleo pie crust for a lighter flare!

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  • Fresh Fruit Pie In A Paleo Pie Crust With Whipped Topping

Why this fresh fruit pie is so great

  • The Pie Crust– this crust is paleo approved, keto approved, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and processed sugar-free! If you are wondering “is pie crust healthy?” then look no further because you have landed on a crispy crust made with wholesome ingredients that is lightly sweetened with monk fruit. Monk fruit extract is plant-based, all-natural, sugar-free and great for low carb meals. It tastes similar to these vegan grain-free cookies.
  • Fresh Fruit Filling– is the perfect way to use summer berries and gets loads of antioxidants, vitamin C, and berries in your diet! Check out these lists of fruit colors to color coordinate your pie for a fun display – red fruit, orange fruit, yellow fruit, green fruit!
  • Fluffy Whipped Topping – the bonus on this fresh fruit filled paleo pie crust recipe is the whipped cream topping. You can make the recipe version, or this keto whipped cream, or for convenience use regular or dairy-free whipped cream topping that is found in the frozen section at grocery stores.

Key Ingredients

Pie crust:

  • almond flour – lovely in baked goods and almond flour cookies!
  • cashews
  • monk fruit – for a dash of sweetness in this cookie consistency pie crust.
  • coconut oil
  • vanilla extract

Fresh fruit filling:

  • fresh berries and fruit slices – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi. And if you end up with extra fruit, turn it into fruit compote.

Whipped topping (dairy-free option):

  • whipped topping – use homemade or frozen whipped topping (regular or dairy-free- your choice). For our recipe you will need 1 (13.5 ounce) canned coconut cream (chilled), ½ cup of monk fruit powdered sugar (it’s sugar-free), and vanilla extract – this is a delicious topping for this easy coconut cream pie too!
  • mint leaves (optional)
  • lemon zest – for a twist of flavor


This fruit filled paleo pie crust is filled with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and kiwi. You can also try other flavor combinations such as kiwi with banana slices, strawberries and pineapple for a tropical twist and even sprinkle with some unsweetened toasted coconut flakes!

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Soak the cashew nuts for about 1 hour prior to using them. Drain the cashews then add them with the rest of the pie crust ingredients to a food processor.

Step 2: Pulse until it is blended. It may be sticky, so put it in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes to chill enough to handle (you can keep it in the food processor container, just remove the blade first).

Step 3: When the dough is hardened enough to handle, using your hands, press the dough down on a pie dish and spread it out evenly on the base and up the sides. Add crimping to the edges. See how to add crimping to our gluten free pie crust here. Poke holes with a fork at the bottom of pie.

Step 4: Bake the paleo pie crust for about 20-25 minutes and let the crust cool while you prepare the fruit and whipped topping.

Step 5: Wash and dice any fruit and mix it together in a bowl, then transfer it to the top of the paleo pie crust when it is cooled.

Step 6: Make and add the whipped topping over the fresh fruit and sprinkle with fresh lemon zest. Serve fresh and right away.

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