No-Bake Pumpkin Pie (Raw, Dairy-Free)

Fluffy vegan no bake pumpkin pie made with a raw date and nut base and coconut cool whip! A delicious delicate dessert served either partially frozen or soft and fluffy!

By now most of you are probably off traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Or, if you aren’t traveling hopefully you are enjoying the coziness of your own home, like us. No school for the kiddos this week so it feels like vacation has started… sort of. Actually, it feels kinda weird not going anywhere during the holidays this year.

This year everyone in the family is off doing something different so the hubby and I are hosting!

With all the FEASTING about to happen, I do appreciate simple recipes that take little effort. Especially after being sick for about a month and then waking up this morning to little C with a runny nose. No bake EVERYTHING is just what the doctor ordered!

I thought about throwing together a vegan pumpkin pie (dairy free for the stuffy noses going around) but instead I am making it even easier with no baking at all!

My first round of this no bake pumpkin pie turned out to be a TOTAL FLOP!

I tried to make it with light coconut milk and it was delicious but had an “icy” consistency instead of creamy. So I heading BACK TO THE STORE (uggh!) for full fat coconut milk cream and I happened to walk by coconut milk cool whip! Yes!!!! I love cool whip pies and how about a cool whip pumpkin pie! Although I am sure it has been done before, but here is my version with a fresh date and nut base from these vegan cheesecakes.

Have no fear- this version of no bake pumpkin pie is incredibly delicious and easy to make! It literally took me about 15 minutes to put together, then I popped it in the freezer before adding melted chocolate and decorating it with fruit. But be careful, the pumpkin pie filling is addicting- you will want to lick the whole bowl before it gets to the pie!

Also this pie can be made in a pie dish or a springform pan. Just double the base date and nut recipe so there is enough crust to press around the sides of the pie dish. I made mine in a springform pan so I could freeze it, remove it from the pan and display it pretty:-)

Dessert is covered and waiting in the freezer for Thanksgiving! Thank goodness my husband is on duty for the turkey because I very much dislike touching raw meat. Ya know what I mean? Ok, maybe it is also a good excuse to get my hubby working in the kitchen with me:-)

You can totally eat it partially frozen or fully thawed for a more pudding consistency.

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