Tomato Paste Substitute: What To Use In Place of Tomato Paste

Tomato sauce and tomato puree work great as a tomato paste substitute and you probably already have them on hand! Substitutes for tomato paste need adjusting as they are not a 1:1 ratio.

Substitute tomato paste with these 3 items

What can you use instead? Substitute tomato paste for tomato sauce, tomato puree, or ketchup. No need to quickly run to the store or stop mid pizza sauce recipe if you are out of tomato paste. These three options easily work in its place, although they are slightly different in taste and consistency so the quantities need adjusting.

Tomato puree or tomato sauce is a great replacement for tomato paste. So for every one tablespoon of tomato paste use three tablespoons of tomato sauce or tomato puree.

What about substituting tomato paste with ketchup? After all, that is actually the most common tomato ingredient that I always have in the refrigerator. Ketchup is a blend of tomato paste, tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, seasoning, and spices. It can be used in desperate situations😊 although it will alter the flavor of the dish slightly. To use ketchup instead of tomato paste use one tablespoon of ketchup in place of every one tablespoon of tomato paste. (To multiply, see our teaspoons to tablespoons article if needed.)

Is tomato paste really necessary?

Tomato paste is a thick sweet condensed version of tomato sauce and tomato puree, and is used to make ketchup. It is a necessary ingredient in the kitchen that adds beautiful sweetness, color, and thickness to soups, broth, and sauces such as marinara sauce and topped on a this tomato onion tart! Tomato paste tubes are available for purchase and are convenient to keep in the refrigerator as they last longer than opening up a can.

Tomato paste vs sauce

Is tomato sauce the same as tomato paste? Tomato paste is basically a super condensed version of tomato sauce. The difference between tomato paste and tomato sauce visually is that it is much thicker- like a paste! To get tomato paste from tomato sauce you must cook tomatoes, then strain the skins and seeds from the sauce, and continue to down until it becomes a thick consistency which forms a paste.

To use tomato paste for tomato sauce, combine ¼ cup tomato paste + ¼ cup water and mix well to make tomato sauce.

Tomato puree vs paste

If wondering – is tomato puree the same as tomato paste, it is not. Tomato puree is a bit thicker than tomato sauce. It is made of cooking chopped tomatoes with the seeds and watery parts removed, then pureeing it until smooth. It is much thinner and more watery than tomato paste and we like to use it make tomato sauce and soups.

For a tomato puree substitute using paste combine ¼ cup tomato paste + 2 tablespoons water and mix well to make tomato puree.

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