4-Ingredient Healthy Mac and Cheese

Healthy Mac and Cheese with a rich and creamy yogurt and Gruyère cheese sauce! Gluten-free quinoa elbow noodles make this macaroni dish naturally rich in iron and protein. A kid favorite recipe ready in under 30 minutes! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tresomega Nutrition for Celiac Awareness Month. All opinions are entirely my own.

Since May is Celiac awareness month I bring to you a favorite traditional kid-favorite pasta dish- macaroni and cheese! Only this kind is made with 4 simple ingredients, ready in less than 30 minutes and is a lighter healthier version!

My family must feel deprived because it has taken 6 years for me to realize my kids will eat mac and cheese religiously without a complaint. Who can resist that creamy deliciousness of comfort food at its best!

I think I was always a little scared to make it unless it was healthy. Until now!

We started VIP day at home where once a week each of the kids gets to decide on dinner and make it themselves. Big C always requests…. you guessed it! Macaroni and cheese! After numerous times watching him pour the packaged creamy orange cheese from the box I knew we should just start making it at home. After-all we were eating it every Tuesday night! How hard can it be to make it a little healthier?

Homemade healthy mac and cheese is simple – quinoa elbow noodles, cheese, milk, and Greek yogurt for extra creaminess!

It’s all about what kind of cheese you use to get the right consistency. I have tried making this healthy mac and cheese quite a few times with regular shredded cheeses like Monterey Jack cheese and it was stringy since the cheese did not melt properly.

The sweet and slightly salty flavor of Gruyère cheese gives this dish its rich flavors. Gruyère is a hard cheese with creamy nutty notes and melts well. For extra creaminess a touch of Greek yogurt is added. Almost as creamy as this skillet mac and cheese.

Now the details about specials and how spectacular this pasta is!

Since May is Celiac Awareness Month I have partnered with Tresomega Nutrition to offer you their Celiac Awareness Month Special!

The special is as follows:

One case of pasta (12 boxes) for $39.48 + free shipping! You can choose from Elbows, Spaghetti, Penne and Fusilli or a variety of them all!

They will be offering four 5lb bags for $89.98 + free shipping! That’s $22.49 per bag. You can choose from Elbows, Spaghetti, Penne, Fusilli or a variety!

Tresomega Nutrition pasta is made from three natural ingredients. It’s a unique blend of organic Royal Bolivian Quinoa, organic Amaranth, a grain rich in vitamins and minerals, and organic white rice. Their pasta won the Masters of Taste™ award that was judged by Chefs from across America!

Please check them out and you can purchase these noodles here!

I have to say their pasta noodles cook up fantastic! Out of all the gluten-free noodles I have tried theirs are my favorite. The noodles are firm without turning mushy- just the way noodles should be:-)

PIN IT! Healthy Mac and Cheese

If you love macaroni and cheese you are going to love this healthy mac and cheese version!

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