Kombucha Wine Spritzer Made With Rosé or White Wine

Kombucha wine spritzer – a new light and flavorful blend of a bubbly probiotic drink and white or rosé wine transformed into a refreshing kombucha and wine beverage!

If you enjoy wine and you love kombucha you will LOVE this kombucha wine spritzer! Not only is it perfect for mommy happy hours, wind down time, or parties – it is light, lower calorie, pretty, bright and fun!

Happy hours make me think about when I first had children. I was not really a party girl but when I had children my friends and I would get together on Friday afternoons for mommy happy hour play dates. If you invite me to a happy hour play date, I will always try my ultimate best to be there. I just love that stretch at the end of the week when us moms relax and re-energize by being with each other! All at the same time the kids are off playing having fun!

Motherhood can feel isolating at times. Like our family lives on a big island fighting for survival. When we can get off that island, share conversation with our friends, enjoy a drink, bring a meal to someone- life becomes bigger and greater with meaning again.

Now that the kids are bit older, us gals can go out every once in a while without the kids – meaning have focused conversations…lol! Almost every time we get together we text our group right away sharing how great it was to see each other and are truly filled with joy, energy and rejuvenation! Great friends do that to ya, wouldn’t ya say? I highly encourage making these community engagements a priority. Maybe even bring a pitcher of this delicious kombucha wine spritzer!

Now let us talk about what Kombucha is and what flavors combine well!

What is Kombucha?

Here is why you need Kombucha in your life. Kombucha is a fermented tea that naturally bubbles and contains living probiotics, amino acids, polyphenols and active enzymes- all essential for a healthy gut, eliminating bad bacteria.

Even if you do not like kombucha (or have never tried it) I have a few tips to adding the perfect flavors for ultimate taste.

Tips For The Perfect Kombucha Wine Spritzer

  • The BEST tip for pairing kombucha with cocktails and wine is to know what flavor kombucha to use. I have to say that GT’S Organic & Raw Kombucha is my favorite. The flavors are delicious, have the perfect amount of natural sweetness and are a brilliant addition to spritzers (no this is not sponsored, I just love the brand!).
  • Use a light chilled wine such as rose wine, prosecco, or favorite white wine such as Pino Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Prepare the ratios in two cups with: ¾ full of ice, ¾ full of wine and ¼ to ⅓ full of kombucha.
  • Feel free to make a splash with fresh fruit such as blackberries, raspberries or strawberries!

What Flavor of Kombucha to Pair With Wine

My favorite flavor of kombucha is to use Trilogy or any berry flavor such as Strawberry, Passionberry, Guava or Gingerberry. A mango flavored kombucha or orange flavor will work well too?!

I tend to like my drinks in the most natural form without added unhealthy sugars and syrups. If I want a spritzer I like to add bubbly water and sweeten it with fresh fruit or lemon and lime juices.

How about changing wine up a bit with a healthier twist by adding kombucha! This recipe is a stimulating way to turn a morning mimosa or glass of crisp white wine or rosé into an even lighter, “healthier” flare by adding wonderful probiotic nutrients!


Do you have a favorite summertime drink or cocktail? A few of my favorites are a glass of rosé, frosé, dry Sauvignon Blanc (preferably Marlborough New Zealand) wine or a weekend morning mimosa. Well, when not enjoying a margarita or mojito?.

All of these options are perfect for weekend barbecues and happy hours!

If you love wine and you love kombucha then time to make this kombucha wine spritzer! It can be made in bulk to share in a pitcher for a large crowd or serve it in singles whenever you want something a little lighter! Happiest of Happy Hours, friends!

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