Apple Cider Vinegar Shots (ACV Shots)

Tasty sweet and sour apple cider vinegar shots to support a healthy body and weight loss.

You know what they say, taking a shot of apple cider vinegar a day keeps the doctor away! Well at least that is what it is for an apple a day. And since apple cider vinegar (acv) is made from fresh apples, it is works for acv shots as well! And if you are feeling extra frisky, you can try to make your own apple cider into vinegar to use in this recipe!

Apple cider vinegar drinks are by popular demand due to its powerful healing and weight loss benefits. We love to use it in this apple cider vinegar drink, apple cider vinegar smoothie, detox water recipes, cabbage soup diet recipe, and also taken as quick shots (along with these wellness shots for an immunity boost).

I like to make a double or triple batch of acv shots to have on-hand and “shoot” first thing in the morning 20 minutes before coffee or eating.

Why these apple cider vinegar shots are so good

Apple cider vinegar and honey together has amazing health benefits. These shots are a quick way to drink apple cider vinegar. If you can not stand the taste of apple cider vinegar, and prefer not to sip it to get the health benefits (or prefer not to take it in pill form), this is your drink! It is a quick way to get 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into your system. These apple cider vinegar shots are a condensed combination of sweetness and tartness that are quite tasty.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

There are astounding health benefits to consuming apple cider vinegar too. Apple cider vinegars are know to exist as antibacterial, anti-obesity, and anti-diabetic remedies [source]. Drinking apple cider vinegar also helps to improve gastrointestinal health due to acv’s fermented properties from the “mother” which puts good bacteria into the gut. A balanced digestive system helps the body to break down and metabolize food better. It also contains acetic acid which when consumed regularly helps promote a flat belly and weight loss!

This recipe is made of a combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice which makes it rich in calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. Lemon juice is excellent for removing toxins from the body, promoting clearer skin, weight loss, balancing pH levels in the body, decreasing the risk of kidney stones, improving mood, and increasing hydration. Apples help support cardiovascular health and managing blood sugar levels. So what is not to love about this apple cider vinegar shot!

What ingredients go into this recipe

Here is what you need for making apple cider vinegar shots: fresh lemon juice, honey or maple syrup, warm water, ginger powder, and apple cider vinegar. Honey is what sweetens these shots up beautifully and helps round out the acidic tart flavor. I suggest honey but you can use maple syrup to make these shots vegan.

How to make a shot of apple cider vinegar drink

Use warm water and mix that together with the honey until it dissolves. You may need to heat the water slightly more or shake the ingredients together first in a mason jar. Add the lemon juice, vinegar, and a dash of ginger. Shake covered in a mason jar or stir in a glass. Serve into two shot glasses and drink with water after taking the shot.

Faqs and Expert tips

Is it bad to take apple cider vinegar shots?

Taking anything that is of high acidity can damage the esophagus and enamel of the teeth. It is best to drink at least 6 ounces of water after taking an acv shot and rinsing your teeth.

What is the hype with apple cider vinegar shots for weight loss?

Drinking 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is good for you but for weight loss drink these shots 3 times per day followed by water.

Can you take apple cider vinegar everyday?

Taking it everyday long term can have effects on the body such as low potassium and osteoporosis. So just do not over do it. I suggest for a few days, then take a break before adding it to your diet again. But I am not a medical professional so always talk with your doctor first.

How much apple cider vinegar should you drink every day?

Drink up to 3 times per day but do not do it long term. If you are focusing on certain health issues such as blood pressure, see here dose recommendations for these apple cider vinegar shots.

More detox drinks

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