Simple Red White and Blue Fresh Fruit Platter

Effortlessly put together a fresh red white and blue themed simple fruit platter with yogurt dip for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day gatherings! Gather all your favorite red fruits and blue fruits like cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries! 

Why this fresh fruit platter works

Fresh fruit tray platters and party platters are great for all gatherings and so simple to pull together at movements notice, like this flag cheese plate and healthy kids party platter.

In celebrating of all festive patriotic events, I want to give you some fruit platter presentation ideas to make your own simple party tray. For our celebrations I put together a red white and blue fresh fruit platter with white yogurt covered raisins, yogurt covered gluten-free pretzels, and yogurt dip – or you can even add a few of these patriotic donuts to the mix!

Red white and blue ingredients

Fresh and/or dried red and blue berries and fruit, white yogurt covered sweets, and white dip such as:

Red fruit: cherries, raspberries, strawberries, red delicious apples, watermelon, pomegranates, cranberries – or check out this list of red fruits for more red color ideas!

White: white colored dipping sauces, vanilla Greek yogurt, coconut yogurt, cream cheese whipped with maple syrup or honey, white chocolate chips, coconut chips, white covered strawberries, white yogurt covered raisins, white yogurt covered pretzels (vegan chocolate dipped goodies can be made using vegan white chips or if you can find them available at the store.)

Blue fruit: blueberries, mulberries, black seedless table grapes, blackberries, prunes, raisins

How to make a simple fruit platter

STEP 1: Start by washing and preparing the berries and fruit. Fruits can be displayed on skewers, strawberries served whole or sliced in half and even watermelon cut into fun star shapes using a cookie cutter.

STEP 2: Place all dips in bowls on a large wood platter or tray. Arrange the fresh fruit on the platter then add any pantry foods such as pretzels, dried fruit, and yogurt covered raisins.

Faqs and Tips

Can I make this simple fruit platter in advance?

Fresh berries should only be washed right before or a couple of hours before serving otherwise they can get mushy. This fresh fruit platter is best assembled right before serving, but the fruit, berries, and other ingredients can be prepared an hour or two before.

How long can this set out?

Since there is no meat or cheese, this fresh fruit platter can set out for hours. That is awesome because then guests can nibble on it as an appetizer, throughout the day and enjoy for a dessert too if it lasts that long! Just do not let it set directly in sunlight, serve it in the shade to prevent the fruit from spoiling and white chocolate from melting.

Enjoy this beautiful red white and blue fresh fruit platter at your next gathering as an appetizer, snack tray or desserts tray! It would also be a fun add to a breakfast or brunch bar. It takes little time and the only preparation is washing fruits and assembling them on your favorite party tray! Perfect 4th of July fruit tray or for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Labor Day!

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