Post-Workout Tropical Protein Fruit Smoothie

A deliciously creamy non-fat Tropical Protein Fruit Smoothie to get your body recharged with nutrients after a workout.


One of the best things you can do for your body after a work out is to pump it up with a healthy balance of protein and sugar. When muscles break down, they need the protein to rebuild and grow. And natural sugar such as those in this Post-Workout Protein Fruit Smoothie replenishes some of the nutrients you sweat out.

After having a baby, the extra love does not seem to shed off my love handles quite as easily anymore. And having a focus of hard weight training doesn’t interest me in the least bit. I have been really into Hot Yoga as a change in my fitness routine. I crave the peaceful rejuvenation that a hard heated yoga practice brings with fast flowing movements and a focus on deep breathing. It is calming, healing and empowering. It is slowly starting to help me get back into shape. I have only been doing it for about a month, but I feel almost as strong as when I completed a 90 day P90X training 4 years ago (before kids)! This is my tropical go-to smoothie after my yoga classes – consumed within an hour after a workout for maximum nutrient absorption.

after P90XIt is important to feed your body the right foods after working out to get the best results. For me, it is about feeling Strong, feeling Good, feeling Happy & being Healthy. What is your favorite post-workout treat?

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