Rolo Caramel Chocolate Pretzels

These easy sweet and salty treats are ready in 15 minutes! Rolo candy melted over pretzels are a super easy way to make caramel chocolate pretzels! Decorate with eye candy or pecans for any occasion.

Chocolate caramel lovers rejoice. You can have your creamy sweet treat combined with salty crunchy pretzel delights. The perfect combo of sweet and salty to satisfy a sweet tooth. To me, these are kinda healthy, as you don’t need to many of them at once to be perfectly satisfied😊.

And if you love caramel, you may want to try making this date caramel sauce to dip them in!

Let’s talk rolo salted caramel chocolate coated pretzels

When it comes to making a dessert, sweet appetizer, and candy served that everyone will love to nibble on, these babies are it! They are made with only 3 ingredients and are gluten-free (we love how easy these are to make just as much as chocolate coconut balls, and healthier 2-minute fudge). It is perfect for kids to help make rolo caramel chocolate pretzels since they can add the candy topping and a few decorations once the rolo candy is warm with a pretzel.

What ingredients you need

All you need to turn a rolo and a pretzel into a fun sweet and salty treat is:

  • Pretzel twists or squares – we use gluten-free ones around here 😊.
  • Rolo candy – feel free to use a big bag and unfoil each candy, or small rolls that are at the checkout line in grocery stores that are without foil.
  • Pecans or hard candy – such as sprinkles or candy eyes and cinnamon imperials for decorating the tops.

How to make this recipe with rolo candy

First gather all your ingredients: rolo candy, gluten-free pretzel twists, and toppings for decorating and to “smash down” the rolo candy.

Add the candy to the tops of the pretzels and bake on low heat to melt them.

Once the rolos are melted, remove the pan from the oven. Then used pecans to smash the chocolate down which makes it much more tasty as the chocolate caramel seeps into every crevice of the hard pretzels. Or add sprinkles and candy eyes for decorations.

Let the caramel chocolate pretzels harden back to room temperature before eating and storing.

TIP: Heating chocolate on low heat helps to insure that it will not burn. Make sure to remove from the oven as soon as the rolo candy starts melting to prevent the tops and chocolate from getting hard or melting to quickly into a liquid blob. It is starting to burn if it turns dark in color rather than remaining light. Remove from oven right at about 3 minutes when the top starts to get glossy.

Storing Chocolate Candy

Once cooled and back to room temperature and the chocolate caramel is hardened, store them. Store them in an airtight container at room temperature or cooler for up to 2 weeks for best freshness.

Rolo Pretzels: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make rolo pretzels in the microwave?

Yes, to make rolo pretzels in the microwave, place the pretzels on a microwaveable dish. Add the pretzels and top each one with rolo candy (that is removed from any wrapping). Heat for 10 seconds and see if they are melted. Depending on the power of the microwave, they made need additional time so continue in 5 second increments until melted slightly. Remove from the microwave and decorate with pecans and candy.

Why are my chocolate caramel rolo candy clump together like a ball?

It was heated too high or too long and the chocolate became burned. Turn the temperature down on the oven, or heat for less time until slightly melted and warmed, but not scorching hot.

Why is my chocolate caramel flat on the pretzels and liquidy?

It was melted too long and melted over and into the pretzel grooves. The rolo candy should still be in its solid form when they are ready and slightly glossy on top.

Are rolo candy gluten-free?

Rolo candy is listed as gluten-free products on the Hershey Company Website, although they are not listed as “certified gluten-free”. If you have severe celiac disease it is best to consult a physician before consuming.

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