Tomatillo Salsa

Juicy fresh tomatillo tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice come together for a quick and easy tomatillo salsa recipe that is ready in 5 minutes!

It’s just so good, that it’s time to make this one a tradition to serve for Taco Tuesday! This green colored tart fruit is a staple in Mexican cuisine. This tomatillo salsa recipe has beautiful tart and sweet flavors that make your taste buds dance for more!

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Why this recipe works

  • salsa is a family and party favorite dip! – because who doesn’t like a juicy fresh homemade salsa or dip?! Fan’s love my roasted tomatillo salsa recipe, and this one is similar, only it skips the roasting part and has a slightly sweeter flavor. Less time, less work, but just as delicious!
  • uses on 1 piece of equipment and no cooking – all you need is a food processor and that is it! Less dishes and less mess is definitely a win-win!
  • Paleo, gluten-free and vegan – since the ingredients are 100 percent vegetables, it caters to all food allergies (unless you can’t have tomatoes- sorry some of you pregnant or nursing mamas!). It is delicious bowl of fresh and deeply flavorful ingredients.


  • fresh tomatillos– make sure to peel the husks away and rinse off the sticky outer layer before using
  • cilantro leaves– provides iron, fiber and loads of Mexican flavor
  • fresh lime juice – brings out zesty citrus punch to the tomatillo salsa!
  • salt and pepper – makes the tomatillo green tomatoes more flavorful
  • garlic– you can use ½ teaspoon crushed (that is all I had) or 1 garlic clove
  • purple onion– I use purple for its pretty coloring with green, but you can also use white or yellow onion


STEP 1. Remove the husks and rinse the tomatillos to remove the sticky layer (this is totally normal so don’t let that stickiness freak you out😊). Cut the tomatillos in half or quarters and cut the onion into small chunks or slices so it processes easily, and add them all to a food processor. This helps them to chop up evenly. Then add the rest of the ingredients.

STEP 2. Pulse for a few seconds until a desired consistency is reached. For a chunkier tomatillo salsa, pulse a few seconds in increments. For a more liquid salsa, pulse and blend longer.

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