Strawberry Greek Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

This healthy Greek yogurt strawberry popsicle recipe is a great way to get a dose of daily protein and cool off on a hot day! Made with just five ingredients, these popsicles are a healthy and delicious snack for all ages.

My whole family is obsessed with homemade these strawberry yogurt popsicles, and I hope you are too! The sweet strawberries combined with creamy Greek yogurt and a touch of natural sweetener creates a unique and refreshing frozen treat!

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  • Creamy Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

Strawberry popsicle recipe

  • Strawberry popsicles with yogurt are healthy and creamy! Non-fat Greek yogurt adds protein and makes these easy strawberry popsicles such a delicious creamy healthy sweet treat!
  • All you need is 5 healthy ingredients and no refined sugars!
  • These are wonderful frozen ice pops to soothe a sweet tooth and cool off on a hot summer day!
  • Strawberry popsicles for toddlers, kids, and adults too! They are great for all ages and fun for parties and summer gatherings! Sprinkle a bunch of sprinkles or jimmies around the top after the popsicle is frozen then serve! They are just like a healthy strawberry popsicle ice cream treat.

Fresh or frozen strawberries

Both frozen or fresh strawberries work great to make these. You can freeze fresh strawberries to have on-hand by washing and drying them thoroughly. Then add them to a freezer bag and use 1 cup of them when you are ready to make this strawberry popsicle recipe.

What popsicle molds to use

You can use a silicon ice cube tray or basic popsicle mold to make homemade strawberry popsicles. I froze these in these silicone ice cube trays to make them fun and I love these popsicle molds! I love making popsicles in a silicone mold because you can wiggle and pop them out so easy! Making this strawberry popsicle recipe in ice cube trays melts fast, so eat them quickly!

I also used these tiny wooden ice cream spoons as the sticks. Alternatively, use a paper straws for the sticks by cutting a few straws into thirds and standing them up in the creamy mixture.

How long does it take for these to freeze?

If you use a small popsicle mold or a regular popsicle mold it takes 4-6 hours for these homemade strawberry popsicles to freeze. Patience is a virtue and these are well worth the wait!

Key ingredients

  • strawberries – again fresh or frozen strawberries works great.
  • milk – you can use your favorite milk such as regular or plant-based dairy-free milk like cashew milk, oat milk, or almond milk.
  • yogurt – this adds creamy texture to this strawberry popsicle recipe and we use plain nonfat Greek yogurt which adds protein. If you want to go dairy-free and lactose free you can use coconut milk yogurt.
  • honey – just a couple of tablespoons adds beautiful sweetness and delicious taste combined with the other ingredients.
  • lemon juice – a little bit of acid brings the sweet and tang together!

Step-by-step instructions to make strawberry yogurt popsicles

Full directions are in the recipe card below.

Step 1: In a blender, blend together strawberry fruit, yogurt, honey, dairy free milk (or regular), honey and lemon juice.

Step 2: Next freeze the mixture. Pour it into a silicone ice cube tray or popsicle mold. Add popsicle sticks to a popsicle mold or small wooden spoons to the center of each cube of the ice cube tray. Carefully place in the freezer for 4-6 hours or until frozen.

Popsicle Variations

There are few variations if you want to switch up the flavors and ingredients and here is how!

  • Yogurt – use coconut yogurt or you can also use vanilla flavored yogurt. If using vanilla yogurt just omit the honey or any other added sweeteners.
  • Berries – of course we use a bunch of red strawberry fruit, but you can use any other fruit you want! Try it with peaches, blueberries, raspberries, or mango fruit.
  • Sweeteners – in place of honey you can also use maple syrup, agave syrup, or monk fruit. Regular sugar is fine, but I personally don’t even have it in my home since it’s not the best for humans;-).


How long does strawberry popsicles last?

In the freezer and if stored properly in an airtight freezer bag, creamy homemade strawberry popsicles last in the freezer 6-8 months.

What is the secret to soft popsicles?

The secret to soft popsicles is Greek yogurt, yogurt, milk, and / or cream! Greek yogurt makes this strawberry popsicle recipe extra creamy with valuable protein for nourishment. Using water or juice will make popsicles harder and dairy helps to make them soft.

How long does it take for popsicles to harden in the freezer?

Popsicles take anywhere from 4-6 hours to harden and freeze completely. Some make take less time and if you use frozen fruit it already starts the freezing process since the ice pop is already slightly frozen.

More healthy homemade popsicle recipes

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