Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe

A beautifully vibrant dragon fruit smoothie recipe made without banana using frozen pitaya packs, tangerine (or mango), pineapple, and coconut water. 

Why This Dragon Fruit Smoothie Is So Great

Nourishing, healthy, and low calorie superfood smoothie! I swear this dragon fruit smoothie makes you feel as good as it looks! Dragon fruit (also called pitaya fruit) is rich in vitamins and nutrients that have incredible healing benefits. Dragon fruit benefits are that it is high in magnesium, essential B vitamins, fiber and packed full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for fighting off free radicals and sickness. Dragon fruit is also excellent for allergy relief. This dragon fruit smoothie is also packed with vitamin c from pineapple and tangerine, or use mango.

No bananas! Many people steer clear from bananas in smoothies due to the high sugar content. There are no bananas in this dragon fruit smoothie recipe and it is still bursting with delicious sweet and tropical flavors.

What is dragon fruit

Pitaya or dragon fruit is a superfruit and has become more and more popular over the years. Pitaya was first discovered in Central America hundreds of years ago and have traveled across the globe. They were first named Pitaya until they reached Asia where they were renamed the popular Dragon Fruit (via). If you are not familiar with dragon fruit, they have a leathery, slightly leafy skin. They are cactus that grows like a vine and are most commonly available in four different colors: white flesh, yellow flesh, pink and red. They also have beautiful flowers on them that bloom at night and wilt by morning. Dragon fruit is delicious to eat by itself, or to freeze and turn into a dragon fruit smoothie or smoothie bowl.

What goes into this smoothie: ingredients

Dragon fruit smoothie ingredients are 1 PITAYAplus- pitaya frozen smoothie packs, frozen pineapple, frozen tangerine (peeled and separated then frozen), and coconut water.

How to make this recipe

In a high powered blender add the dragon fruit frozen pack, frozen pineapple, peeled and separated frozen tangerine (or mango). Add 6-8 ounces of coconut water and blend until smooth. Serve the dragon fruit smoothie right away.

For extra nutrition, try adding in your favorite smoothie supplements such as collagen, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or aloe gel.


What fruit goes well with dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit blends well with tropical fruits such as banana, mango, and pineapple. You can also blend it with strawberries for naturally sweeter flavor.

Are there side effects from eating dragon fruit?

There have not been known side effects to eating dragon fruit and it is safe to eat the inside. Although if you do develop any signs of an allergy stop eating right away.

Does dragon fruit make you lose weight?

Dragon fruit is rich in fiber and contains only 60 calories and eight grams of sugar per fruit. So for weight loss dragon fruit is a wonderful addition to add to your diet. This whole fruit smoothie has 32 grams of natural sugar from the addition of other fruits, so if adding to a weight loss plan watch for addition sugars consumed throughout the day.

Can I use fresh dragon fruit for this smoothie and how much?

You can use fresh dragon fruit in smoothies just freeze the meat first. For this smoothie recipe you will need 1 fresh dragon fruit. Remove the insides by cubing or cutting it out into balls. Place it on a sheet pan and flash freeze for 30 minutes then transfer to a freezer tight bag until ready to use.

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