Carrot Juice for Skin + Weight Loss (Benefits + Recipe)

Cinnamon and ginger carrot juice for the win! Support skin and weight loss goals with this vibrant orange colored juice recipe made easily in a blender or juicer.

Whether you are doing a raw juice cleanse or striving for more satisfying fruit and vegetable juicing recipes – this carrot juice leaves you feeling fueled and radiant all over! And be sure to check out our other fresh pressed detox juices like Beet Juice, Pineapple Orange, Green Detox Juice, and the Green Machine Juice.

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  • Carrot Juice Recipe (Blender and Juicer)

Why this carrot juice recipe is so great!

  • The ingredients in this cinnamon and ginger carrot juice recipe have been shown to support optimum health including brain function, eye sight, brighter glowing skin, and promote digestion.
  • Easy homemade juice with step-by-step instructions to make it in the blender or juicer.
  • This juice tastes delicious and is naturally sweetened with orange, which packs in the vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system.

What ingredients go into this drink

  • Carrots – we suggest using orange carrots rather than purple carrots since they are sweeter and delicious when juiced.
  • Cucumber
  • Orange
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon

How to make Carrot Juice

Carrot juice can easily be made at home in a juice or blender. And the best part is that homemade vegetable juice is so much less costly than purchasing at a fancy juicery! For success with this recipe, if using a juicer or blender remove the rind and skin of the orange, and the skin of the ginger before chopping. If using a blender, also remove the skin of the cucumber.


STEP 1: Add the carrots, peeled cucumber, peeled orange, peeled ginger, water (only add water for blender method), and cinnamon into a high speed blender such as a Vitamix (which is what I use).

STEP 2: Place a mesh bag or nut bag over a large bowl. Pour the juice into the bag. Squeeze out all of the juice and discard the “meat”. Pour into a glass over ice and squeeze in the lemon juice to taste.


In a high powered juicer add the carrots, cucumber, ginger, and peeled orange. Juice then add to a pitcher and mix in the cinnamon and lemon. Pour into two glasses over ice.

Benefits of drinking carrots with cinnamon and ginger

The benefits of carrots are that carrot root include rich nutrients that contain phytochemicals which have powerful health benefits. The orange vegetable is a great source of carotenoids, fiber, and is rich in antioxidants (reduces oxidative stress), vitamins and minerals. Combining carrots with cinnamon and ginger also gives the benefits of anti-inflammatory, digestion and higher nutrition [source].

Carrots are low in calories and carbs while holding these strong loads of nutrients. This juice recipe, in particular, has cucumbers, which help support digestion and losing weight. Cinnamon and ginger reduce inflammation and support arthritis, and orange and lemon provides vitamin C to help boost the immune system.

This carrot ginger juice may:

  • Help to improve eye health thanks to vitamin A in carrots
  • Promote a strong immunity
  • Provide anticancer effects
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Improve skin coloration, acne and health
  • Promote weight loss through improved digestion and being a low calorie food
  • Improve digestion which may leads to weight loss
  • Boost heart health
  • Fights type 2 diabetes as cinnamon helps to lower blood sugar levels
  • Help stimulate the liver thanks to lemon juice


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to drink carrot juice?

It is always a good idea to start your day with a juice or detox drink to jumpstart the day in the right direction and get a massive boost of nutrients first thing in the morning. Fresh homemade carrot juice can be enjoyed any time of the day, preferably in-between other foods.

Is carrot juice good for you?

Drinking raw carrot juice is extremely good for you as carrots are a rich source of vitamins A and E, which at as powerful antioxidants and prevent free radicals throughout the body.

Can carrots help with skin whitening?

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which can help whiten the skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance discoloration on the face because carrots actually repair skin tissue.

Can you drink carrot juice every day?

This carrot juice recipe is perfectly safe to drink every day. Each cup of carrot juice is loaded with cinnamon, ginger, and fresh carrots that help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy eyesight.

How many carrots make a cup of juice?

If juicing with just carrots, 11 carrots makes 1 cup of juice using a juicer.

Does carrot juice make you poop?

One of the reasons carrot juice is so fantastic for you is it contains fibers and lemon that helps activate digestion. If you are constipated or having issues with bowel movement, this drink is wonderful to help relieve constipation.

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