Grape Frosé Rosé (Frozen Rosé)

Grape Frosé Rosé (Frozen Rosé)– a refreshing blend of frozen grapes with rosé wine! Enjoy this trendy summer alcoholic beverage at your next party or BBQ to serve a large crowd!

Summer’s all-time hit cocktails are Frozen Rosé along with enjoying a chilled glass of Rosé wine “all day” (Rosé All Day Babeee!)! This fruity alcoholic beverage is the marriage of the two blended together!

Frosé has grown in popularity for its refreshing slushy texture of frozen fruit blended with rosé wine. More popular versions of Frozen Rosé include a watermelon drink known as Watermelon Frosé Rosé, a Strawberry Frosé Rosé, Peach Frosé Rosé and even Grapefruit Frosé Rosé.

Any fruit can be used and frozen wine- or wine slushie- is a great way to use up fruit that might soon go bad (just as you would for a smoothie). Check out how to freeze grapes for this recipe!

How To Make Frozen Rosé

Find your favorite fruit and freeze it (or use store-bought frozen fruit) then blend it with chilled rosé wine and some ice for this “lightened” up frosé version! The ratios for this frozen rosé are 3 cups of frozen fruit, 4-6 cups of ice and 1 bottle rosé wine. If you want it thicker add up to 6 cups of ice. This serves a large crowd which is perfect for summer parties and outdoor barbecues!

It can be made ahead and stored in the freezer for up to 5 hours. Any longer it will not be so much a drink but more of a slushy wine dessert treat better served in a bowl. Win-win – it will not go to waste!

This recipe calls for grapes and here is why.

Ya know all that fruit in the fridge that tastes better crunchy – like grapes. When they start to get mushy nobody wants them. That is what happened to our grapes and I couldn’t bear to waste them since they were still perfectly nutritious. I froze a whole bunch for smoothies and to make a grape frosé rosé for a weekend happy hour!

If you need any more convincing to make this here it is. They are packed with antioxidants! I love cocktails that actually have nutritional benefits and are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Cheers to summer and all the delicious fresh recipes that come such as frozen rosé recipes! It is a super easy, lighter alcoholic drink and so refreshing using wholesome frozen grapes!

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