Patriotic Healthy Donuts Recipe

Healthy donuts (or doughnuts)? Yes! This recipe is spiced like sweet cake and is gluten free, dairy free flour-less moist and fluffy! Enjoy as dessert food or a breakfast treat! Baked and topped with red, white and blue icing for  patriotic festivities or simply anytime.

We are feeling very patriotic over here with patriotic sweet treats! Mainly in preparation for the Fourth of July. To celebrate our independence beach-side with fireworks and a scrumptious healthy donuts recipe!

Where does the time go? We are already almost into July? Say whatttt????! So of course I have patriotic dessert food and picnic food on my mind. Last year for the Fourth of July we went to June Lake and celebrated in Mammoth. Each year they have a full weekend of festivities including a parade, fireworks each night and games and activities in the village. Since our boys are pretty young, they were passed out by 7:00 pm so we missed the fireworks. We still had blast during the day watching the horses trot on the streets in the parade and experiencing colorful red white and blue shenanigans all around us. After the parade we headed back to our cabin in the woods and cooked up some delicious lobster to enjoy with shrimp ceviche.


Since red white and blue is on my mind I thought it would be fun to make patriotic glazed doughnuts! I bought a doughnut pan months ago and have just recently dusted it off to start testing out some healthy recipes. There have been three rounds of healthy donuts recipes made until these flourless donuts came about. Usually for breakfast we eat homemade granola bars, no bake bars, no bake protein balls or oatmeal. It was starting to feel rather redundant. It was time to introduce a homemade healthy donuts recipe to the family. After all, baked doughnut recipes are so much healthier. Forget the fatty deep-fried old way of making them. And say hello to the new easy doughnut recipe by baking them.

Every once in a while the boys and I love to head to the our local breakfast joint for coffee, doughnuts and bagels. The boys always want glazed doughnuts so we get a few doughnut holes to keep them satisfied. Only one time I upgraded it to a deliciously glazed with sprinkles. Those donut holes just did not compare any longer! I don’t blame them one bit! So we decided it would be fun to start making donuts from scratch at home.

Tips for whipping up this healthy donuts recipe at home:

  1. Instead of using flour, grind up gluten free oats super fine to make oat flour. Seriously leave those oats grinding for a while until they are a nice light consistency. But not too long. I mixed mine in the NutriBullet and it go hot. So when I opened it I had a giant puff of flour all over me!
  2. Making these with gluten free oats makes these glazed doughnuts super healthy! They are packed with iron and minerals the body needs along with fiber to keep bodies full longer.
  3. When making the icing, start with 1 tablespoon of water. If it is too thick to stir add more but only small amounts. You want the icing thick enough that it does not absorb into the doughnuts if it is too watery. Make sure it is like a thick paste.
  4. Only warm the blue and red chocolate slightly in the oven. It should be about 300 degrees for a couple of minutes. Keep checking it until the chocolate morsels are shiny. That’s when they are done and ready for mixing, bagging and drizzling on top of the doughnut glaze.

This healthy donut recipe was a hit at our house, I had to hide them from the boys, husband included!

I am so happy these have turned out so yummy. Baked, not fried is the way to go for a healthier version of delicious homemade donuts!

My first batch of trying out a healthy donuts recipe I used the same batter in these healthy chocolate chip oatmeal muffins. They turned out delicious as donuts by adjusting the baking time slightly. They were cutely wrapped as end of the year teacher’s gifts for the boys to give.

The next batch I tried gluten free flour mix with coconut flour. I did too much coconut flour and they turned out too dense and coconut flavored. Trial-and-error lesson learned.

Three’s a charm! The third batch was the best! And we have made these several times since. I used vanilla, coconut oil, gluten free oats and cinnamon which gives these donuts so much warmth and comfort in flavor!

Random… I will say if you are ever in New York City, I have heard that The Doughnut Project has some truly amazing doughnuts to try. Or just make them at home if you completely live across the country:-)

These flour-less glazed donuts are full of healthy fiber, gluten free and low in sugar if you leave out the icing. Also play with adding fun sprinkles, fruit or nuts as the toppings!

If you want to give these amazing donuts as a gift, I made labels! Click Here For Free Printable Healthy Flourless Donuts Labels.

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