How To Make Your Own Sushi Rolls Without Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat

Simple recipe how to make your own sushi rolls at home without a bamboo sushi rolling mat. Roll-up and serve up this tasty vegetarian dinner that can be a healthy gluten-free snack for kids too!

While I was pregnant I was told to eat seaweed for its super-food powers of iodine which neutralizes hormones and helps maintain a healthy thyroid. Seafood also helps regulate estrogen and estradiol levels, hormones that can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. It is also filled with antioxidants, calcium, and a broad range of vitamins- healthy for mamma and baby! Now that I am not pregnant, I love eating seaweed snacks for its salty crisp flavor.

There are various types of seaweed but Nori is the most common type of seaweed used in sushi rolls and crunchy seaweed sticks. I recently tried out Seasnax STIX, and was thrilled that Big C loved them! If you have not tried this brand it is a must! In my opinion, all the flavors and versions are amazing and they are a great healthy grab-and-go snack. There are many flavored STIX such as Wasabi, Almond, Sesame and Original and so far my little 3 year old loved all of them except Wasabi (he’s got a picky pallet so that is impressive). I have gotten grab-and-go seeweed packs from the store before and can not seem to get him or my husband to eat them. But Seasnax has fabulous flavored STIX and CHOMPERZ that are to die for! Both my boys love them and the CHOMPERZ taste like guilty potato chips, without the guilt. My hubby’s favorite is the Jalapeno.

The other night I tried making sushi out of wasabi seaweed sheets. Mind you I have never made sushi before and I don’t own a bamboo rolling mat so mine turned into soft rolls that I left as a whole log to eat instead of cutting into 1-inch pieces. If you want to cut yours up into California style sushi rolls, use a bamboo rolling mat (instead of plastic wrap like I did) and press your rolls tightly together. Slice and then drizzle with soy sauce and serve with fresh ginger and wasabi. I did not measure out ingredients, so I used my best judgement to guess. Just make sure not to over-stuff your rolls so they do not break.

First, lay out a bamboo rolling mat (or plastic wrap), before placing your nori sheet down. Since I did not have a bamboo rolling mat I used plastic wrap and rolled it using that.

Next add about 1 cm of rice covering 80% of your nori sheet. Add vegetables on the end. Roll using plastic wrap underneath to contain everthing.

This turned out delicious I can not believe I have not tried making this at home before. I was always a bit terrified thinking it was complicated, but it is not! Sushi rolls are so easy and inexpensive to make for dinner and is a great make-ahead meal.

This recipe shows with a nori rolling mat and without using a plastic wrap.

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