Oreo Dirt Cake Recipe & Party

Creamy yet crunchy Oreo dirt cake recipe is super easy to make for a birthday party! And any gluten free chocolate sandwich cookie will work. Just crush and mash and have fun with this ice cream cake! A yummy dirt dessert recipe!

The earth is laughing in flowers right now! Wow, have you looked outside at the gorgeous blooms? May is one of my favorite times of year. During the months of April and May we do lots of celebrating. April we have 3 family birthdays and in May we celebrate Mother’s Day and my anniversary. My hubby and I are coming up next week on 8 years of marriage! My how the time fly’s. The perfect reminder to make sure every moment counts and everyday is special. May is a month to have an excuse to get all glammed up and hit the town on a date with my man. Anniversaries and Mother’s Day are hall passes to no cooking and cleaning. That calls for a crazy happy dance, know what I mean?! But also in May it is a month where the days are getting a little bit closer to the longest day of the year and the air feels fresh and spirited. And the earth is full of flowers (and dirt)! So hope you are enjoying it!

Last month we had another Pam and Steve hosted party! If you are not familiar yet with a “Pam Party” you can check out our previous beach theme party here. Pam always throws together these thoughtful simple parties that make guests feel so welcome and special.

The celebration cake was a dirt cake made with Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Joe-Joe’s or you can use Oreo Cookies. They now offer gluten free (no this is not sponsored:-). Such a fun cake to make for the kiddos! Only 2 ingredients needed: 2 packages of gluten free Oreo cookies, Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s, or any chocolate gluten free sandwich cookies and ice-cream. If you want you can also add chocolate pudding into the mix for dirt pudding. The fun part is then dressing up the cake with silly gummy worms and edible bugs. Sorry, we ate it too fast to grab a picture of it without the worms:-( !

Seeing an Oreo dirt cake made me think of a specific memory as a child. My brother, sister and I were always playing in the mud and using the hose to make “delicious” mud pies. We’d take our large wooden spoons and slowly stir our puddles of mud adding leaves and insects until the thickness was just right. Then we’d use a pie pan to scoop it in to serve and pretend eat. But there was this one time… at band camp… lol, just kidding! No really there was this one time… we decided to throw those pies at each other then dirt balls direct to the face! My brother, Dennis, nailed one right into my mouth! I ran in the house crying my eyes out as my mom is telling me I’m going to get worms from eating dirt. Luckily that child hood memory did not hinder my dirt cake eating abilities… only when its made out of cookies and creamy ice cream! Really, dirt dessert is the best!

I love sharing the visual details of  parties to give you ideas for your next celebration! I hope they help grow your creativity.

Here’s how our Oreo dirt cake birthday party played out:

Our evening started out visiting with wine and appetizers. The focal decorations were large family photos (printed from Costco) and hanging from the ceiling to personalize the birthday boy, Shane. He’s my nephew and just turned 11! Giant letters from Michael’s Arts and Crafts spelled out SHANE as centerpieces for the table.

The theme was baseball and surfs up!

Terracotta planters were set out for the kids to decorate them with markers. After they are decorated, plastic sandwich bags are placed inside each pot before the Oreo dirt cake. This is so it doesn’t melt out of the hole at the bottom of the planter when dessert is served.

The kids get to take home their decorated pots at the end of the party!

Our entire California family is obsessed with the beach and surfing. Well, I’ll admit my husband and I don’t surf. We’ve both tried it, that counts right? But I am obsessed at getting to the beach almost daily. It’s calming and fills the soul with an essence of peace, beauty and being grounded.

I hope you get a chance to make this. It can be made in any bowl but I just love how my amazing sister-in-law, Tara, froze the Oreo dirt cake in a green plastic pot. It just felt so real!

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