Leftover Turkey Salad Sandwich Recipe

Healthy leftover turkey salad recipe to use up all that delicious turkey from Thanksgiving into lunches for the week! 

This gluten-free leftover turkey salad sandwich pairs well with homemade cranberry sauce, spicy cranberry corn salsa, or a fresh glass of turmeric lemonade.

Let’s just start this blog post off with a big HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I decided to post a tasty leftover turkey salad sandwich recipe the night before Thanksgiving as I am waiting for my sweet potato pie to finish cooking from the oven. Our home smells INCREDIBLY festive – full of pumpkin and cinnamon spices!

Wish I could throw the flavors out there through the computer screen for you to enjoy too!

Now here is an funny story, I actually made this leftover turkey salad sandwich recipe last year after Christmas and took the photos but never posted the recipe! What the what?!!!? I came across it again as I was brainstorming thinking about what to do with all of our leftover turkey!

Let me tell you, it was a big decision as to what size turkey to get. It all depended on how much leftovers we wanted. Do you do that? I get that from my mom who is the ultimate leftover reuser (is that even a word?).

Because leftover turkey can be used in so many ways like added to soup, tossed into a turkey wreath, and turned into healthy turkey salad for sandwiches and salads!

I highly recommend using olive oil or vegan mayonnaise for turkey salad. Both have more natural ingredients without high fructose corn syrup and olive oil mayonnaise has only about 5 grams of healthy fat per serving. And turkey is one of my favorite lean means to consume because it is high in protein, low in fat and is low-GI which keeps blood sugar levels steady.

These leftover turkey sandwiches take about 10 minutes to make and are fabulously delicious!

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This has become a staple item for us after our Thanksgiving turkey feast and I hope it becomes yours too! Leftover turkey salad sandwiches, grilled to a crisp exterior, are a delicious use of leftover turkey meat without getting tired of the same flavors:-)!

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