10-Minute Cream Corn Recipe

Best and easiest cream corn recipe with a combination of whole sweetcorn in a thick milky creamed sauce. This cream-style corn is so good as a side dish with pork, chicken, or ham.

Best cream corn recipe

Creamy, melts-in-your-mouth, hints of sweet, and only takes 10 minutes to make- what is not to love about this cream corn recipe?! If you are new to creamed corn (or cream-style corn) it is a side dish originating in Native American cuisine, most commonly eaten as a southern food. Creamed corn is partially puréed, releasing the liquid contents of the kernels. It is basically corn in a creamy sauce, but in this version the addition of cream cheese is where it’s at. It is what makes this creamed corn recipe thick and rich!

Creamed corn ingredients

Creamed corn on a plate is made of 2 (15-ounce cans) of corn combined with gluten-free flour (you can use regular flour if gluten is not an issue), milk, butter, cream cheese, freshly minced garlic, sugar, salt, and pepper for the sauce.

How to make creamed corn from scratch

This cream corn recipe takes 10 minutes or less! In a medium size saucepan heat the corn and milk until warm on medium-low heat. Add the grated garlic, cream cheese, flour, butter, sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Mix together until the cream cheese and butter are warmed and melted and it becomes thick. Serve right away garnished with chives.

Remove ¾ cup of the creamed corn and puree it in a food processor. Then add it back into the pot and mix together before serving.

FAQs and Expert Tips

Is cream style corn the same as creamed corn?

Yes, both cream style corn and creamed corn are the same thing, both made with a milk or cream, a thickener, and corn partially pureed.

Can you make creamed corn from frozen corn?

Yes, you can simply use 1 (16-ounce bag) of frozen corn and let it thaw first before using.

What can I add to canned corn to make it better?

If you are using a cream corn can, you can make it better by adding mincing in 1 garlic clove, fresh corn, and 1-2 tablespoons of whipped cream cheese to give it more flavor.

What does creamed corn go with?

Cream corn is a wonderful side dish to serve with ham, pork (even jackfruit pork), chicken, or steak. Also, serve it next to these other side dishes:
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Does creamed corn have dairy in it?

Unfortunately yes, as cream corn sauce is from milk, butter, and in these case the addition of cream cheese. If you want a cream corn recipe without dairy in it, please comment in the comments and let me know!

How do you make creamed corn thicker?

Flour acts as a wonderful thickener, along with tapioca flour.

Can I made it a low fat cream corn recipe?

To make cream corn lower in fat, use whipped cream cheese or light cream cheese and 2%, 1% or non-fat milk.

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