Gluten Free BBQ Sauce Recipe

This easy smoky gluten free BBQ sauce recipe is finger-licking-good! Serve this barbecue sauce over vegetables, grilling ribs, pizza, roasting meats, and as a marinade for slow cooking! 

Nope, not a picture of chocolate, although it does resemble that- its gluten free BBQ sauce! What’s so spectacular about BBQ sauce? Only everything! It is one of those versatile dips and sauces used in many cuisines. From a summer backyard barbecue favorite marinade for meats, to a replacement for tomato sauce on pizza – those zesty sweet and savory flavors are sure to make the dish delicious!

Seriously- just smother this glorious homemade gluten free bbq sauce all over some baby-back-ribs, slap them on the grill and y’all will be in heaven!

Oh but make sure to have plenty of paper towels around to lick those plates and hands clean😊!


  • this gluten free BBQ sauce caters to Celiac Disease, wheat, and gluten intolerance – most store-bought condiments and traditional barbecue sauce contain soy, Worcestershire sauce, and flours to thicken the sauce making them not gluten-free. But using tamari soy sauce (this is just made with soy, no wheat) or even coconut amino’s (Trader Joe’s has this too) provides a natural ingredient that adds flavor without gluten! This recipe ensures you and your family are safe if gluten is an issue!
  • quick and easy to make with pantry items – it takes as little as five easy minutes to pull together this gluten free bbq sauce on the stove by mixing the ingredients in a pot, boil for seconds and then simmer for 5 minutes! There have been moments when we are making pizza (and my youngest son only eats his with BBQ sauce) where I realize the condiment in the fridge is nearly empty. This recipe comes together fast and I usually end up making in on a whim for moments like this!
  • smoky flavors take food up a notch! – this recipe calls for liquid smoke, which adds a twist of satisfying smoky aromas and taste. It adds a twist that when added to food gives it a charcoal grill taste.


  • the base – ketchup (I suggest using organic which does not have hydrogenated corn syrup or one that specifically says without it) , liquid smoke, molasses, water, tamari soy sauce (which is a gluten-free version)
  • spices – ginger, onion, all spice, black pepper, dry mustard,
  • extra flavor – lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, coconut sugar


Add all the ingredients to a pot and mix well, turning it to a boil then simmer for 5 minutes. That’s it- so easy!


No matter how you say it – Barbecue, barbeque, (BBQ or barby for an informal shortened version) are all valid terms for this gluten free BBQ sauce recipe. Barbecue, is a cooking method over a (machine or) grill or indirect heat and the food is flavored by a higher heat smoking process.

Lots of times the meat – such as steak, chicken, pork or ribs – are marinated in a barbecue sauce recipe first. The smoked flavor happens during the grilling.

The icing on the cake is that here, you can have the flavor without the grill! The addition is that Smoke Liquid I was talking about – that’s where that smoky flavor is at at with or without a grill!


What kind of BBQ sauce is gluten free?

When looking for gluten free BBQ sauce, read the labels carefully. If it is gluten free it will specifically say “gluten-free” on the label, and the ingredients will not contain any gluten or wheat related ingredients.

Is there gluten in barbecue sauce?

Yes, as most traditional barbecue sauces are made with Worcestershire sauce, which contains wheat and soy. Some sauces also have wheat flours as a thickening agent so always read labels carefully or make this homemade BBQ sauce.


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