Juicy Grilled Hamburgers With Pineapple Salsa and Spicy Aioli

Easy grilled burgers topped with pineapple salsa and spicy aioli. Enjoy this juicy hamburger recipe at your next summer BBQ!

A juicy hamburger recipe with everything on the table ready to enjoy in less than 30 minutes! 

It’s burger season and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to fire up that grill! I have to be honest with you before I start to get into sharing this juicy hamburger recipe with you. I don’t eat red meat! But I know some of you do and my family just loves a big juicy burger too!

How about we give a big “WELCOME” to the first red meat recipe blog post on Delightful Mom Food!!!

During the summer months my husband makes grilled burgers almost every weekend. I usually have mine vegetarian with just lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and avocado stacked inside gluten-free hamburger buns with a side of grilled corn and fresh seasonal salad. My favorite part is all the toppings and veggies you can add to a “burger” to make them healthier.

I do not want to deprive my boys (or any of you who love red meat) because it can be a healthy food choice for certain bodies. Everybody has a different blood type in which their bodies crave certain foods that help them thrive. My body doesn’t do well on red meat but my husband and oldest both crave it. To the point that when they get a grilled burger in their hands it is gone within minutes and there is no return, no question, no food complaints and any hangry moments are out the door! To tell you the truth it is not the same situation feeding them a turkey burger. That being said, I am going to start adding our favorite grilled burgers recipes to the blog!

These burgers are so juicy! Grilled hamburgers have a clearly distinct flavor rather than pan fried burgers- have you noticed a difference? I notice it even in my turkey burgers. My hubby will never let me pan fry a burger (even on a grill pan) on the stove. Grilling a burger is quite simple and a healthier way to cook meat as it allows the extra oils and fats to drip into the fire instead of settling on the meat.

Organic and Grass Fed Beef

Shop for organic and Grass-fed meats! When we buy red meat I only look for two things and those two things are it needs to be organic and grass-fed. I also try to only choose beef that is “lean” and “extra-lean” to minimize saturated fat and cholesterol.

Cows raised in the pasture have less saturated fat and higher amounts of omega-3 (healthier) fatty acids than grain-feed cattle. Eating organic and grass-feed meats also help to ensure there are no added hormones given to the cows.

I have found organic grass-fed ground beef at Grocery Outlet and Costco to have the best prices.

Tips for Grilling A Juicy Hamburger

For any juicy hamburger recipe, knead the meat for a long time (about 3 minutes) to pack each patty in nice and tight so it does not fall apart on the grill. This also settles in all the flavors.

Heat the grill on medium-high and get it nice and warm inside. Oil the patty and place it on medium-high heat for 3 minutes to sear in all the juices and give the hamburger patties nice grill marks. Flip after 3 minutes and heat for another 3-4 minutes or until 160 degrees F for medium. Add any cheese about 1 minute before removing from the grill.

Be gentle and only flip the burgers once.

Do not press the burgers down with a spatula or it will push out natural juices.

Let us talk about this pineapple salsa!

This salsa encompasses sweetness with hints of jalapeno heat and pairs well with a spicy aioli. Something about all that subtle heat and sweetness just really compliments the grilled burger (hubbies words). It all started because we came home from the grocery store with a pineapple that was about to go bad. I absolutely LOVE grilled pineapple and thought it would be delicious either added to a grilled hamburger recipe sliced on top or turned into salsa.

Before we get to this juicy hamburger recipe there is one little secret ingredient and one trick my husband likes to add to his grilled burgers to keep them sticking together. To keep burger patties staying together nice and tight and snug add 1 egg and make sure to knead the meat for a while. What you are left with is a solid patty ready to grill!

I hope you enjoy this juicy grilled burger recipe! Any leftover cooked patties can be crumbled up and added to pasta dishes for another meal.

What are your favorite grilled burger toppings?

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