Asian Green Beans

Asian green beans sauteed with fresh mushrooms and red onions lightly tossed in teriyaki sauce. These delicious snap beans or green beans highlights pasta dishes, carrots, corn and peas.

It really takes a village to manage it all. Or in some cases like mermaids, a Pod to care for each other. Big C and I have really been into the show Mako Mermaids. A show based in Australia where three mermaid girls visit and stay on land to protect another merman who transforms. Not even his parents know he has magic mermaid powers. But once the girls go to land there is a chance they can never return to their pod again. Their pod is their village of family under the sea.

The main reason we love this show is because Big C is four and it’s a show we can watch together. A show that is not a cartoon that has been played about a thousand times already. Whoot! Whoot!

From our show what I did notice is some yummy fresh green beans in a scene. It is like the commercials where you just see food and have to have it! So we had to make fresh string beans turned teriyaki Asian green beans!

These Asian green beans are crunchy, flavorful and the boys both loved them! They did get played with at the dinner table a lot but hey, whatever gets the kids to eat vegetables! Chinese long beans can be cut into smaller lengths if preferred. Either way sauteed green beans are so delicious! There is a secret to these Asian green beans too. Do. Not. Overcook. Trial and error my friends, trial an error…

When first starting out as an amateur chef I overcooked everything. I thought all vegetables were like onions and had to be sauteed soggy to get that sweet onion flavor out. Boy was that wrong! Until I finally figured it out and now love sauteed vegetables like these Brussels sprouts. Fresh green bean recipes if sauteed, grilled or fried only need about 10 minutes to cook. That way they still have their crispy nutty texture.

Feel free to use sugar snap peas, French green beans, or regular string beans for this recipe. The teriyaki sauce and cooking time is what makes it fabulous. In fact teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar (source). So this is a flavorful slightly sweet green bean recipe with mushrooms and onions for a full balance diet.

Asian Green Beans Tossed in Teriyaki Sauce Are:

High in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. Look for firm beans with no bruising and are uniform in color. Teriyaki sauce is low in calories and carbohydrates!

No matter where all of us are in our day and life it takes a village or a pod. Like the sweet neighbors who are always gardening in their yard as my children creepily spy on them. Or the ones across the street that bring our dog home every day. Only because there is usually a sleepy child getting transferred from the car to bed. The garage door is left open and our dog waits to escape. And then the village steps in to help:-)

Man, what would we do without each other?

We serve our Asian beans as a side dish with roasted chicken, fish or tossed in pasta noodles. It is another one of those super easy kid friendly dinners that put smiles on everyone’s faces.

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