Cod Fish Tacos With Southwest Sauce

Restaurant style cod fish tacos drizzled in southwest sauce are mouth watering delicious! 

This wonderful fish taco recipe is sponsored by the Alaskan seafood experts at Kodiak Fish Market!

It is true, fresh is best and these are the best cod fish tacos made with fresh seafood that was overnighted direct from the fisheries to our doorstep. So delicious with this southwest sauce or even try it with citrus salsa on top!

When we received our package of seafood in the mail, some of it went directly to our freezer and some I immediately thawed to make cod fish tacos that same evening! This cod fish was so fresh, tender and flavorful! There is no comparison when it comes to cooking with fresh fish!

Have you ever had that moment where you brought home store bought seafood for dinner and were crazy excited to dish it up only to experience that it turned out rather… fishy? Fishy in smell, taste and texture (chewy and over-cooked for fear of food born illnesses). That is because it is not fresh at all! Fish should not smell…fishy, and should have an incredibly tender texture that melts in your mouth. If you have experienced that chewy, fishy, not so tasty seafood dish then I am right there with ya, and a bit embarrassed to admit that due to the fact that I live by the sea! I truly understand why some people do not like the flavor of seafood. It just boils down to freshness. I am a firm believer in always using the freshest and best ingredients in the kitchen. That being said, Kodiak Fish Market is the solution for the best and freshest seafood literally from the ocean right to your door!

1. How to prepare and marinate fish

To prep fish, the easiest way is to marinate it. A marinade is a great way to add flavor to fish. It is best to do this in a as cast iron or aluminum can react with acids and give fish an off-flavor. Marinades in seafood should only last about 30 minutes (the proteins can start to break down if left longer than 30-45 minutes).

Another great method to prepare fish is by simply salting it before cooking. Then add additional flavors such as lime juice and coconut oil (coconut oil withstands high heat) when pan searing .

A traditional compliment to cod fish tacos is southwest sauce. This sauce is also fantastic as a dip for fries and roasted vegetables too!

2. How to bake fish (fillets and steaks)

The secret to cooking the perfect fish is to sear the fillet or steak first on the stove using high heat for about 1 minute on each side. Then either reduce the heat and cook an additional 3 minutes per side, or bake it in the oven at 350 degrees F for 6-8 minutes. Searing first seals in the juices. Make sure to always check the fish at the minimum baking time.

To test if fish is done, put a fork in the center and twist. If it flakes and has milky white juices then it is done.

3. How to assemble cod fish tacos

To assemble fish tacos drizzled with southwest sauce, get all the ingredients together, grab a plate and start layering your tortilla in this order:

  1. Tortilla (use corn tortillas for gluten free)
  2. Green cabbage
  3. Baked Cod Fish (with any extra sauce and baked onions with it)
  4. Southwest sauce
  5. Garnish with minced red bell peppers, fresh cilantro, red onions and a splash of lime juice, and if you’re a fan of spice you can top off with hot sauce.

There is nothing quite like a savory feast to bring people together like these delicious fish tacos! Expert winemaker Brittany of Millesime Cellars Winery suggests pairing white fish, sea bass, and cod fish tacos with a Dry Orange Muscat or Viognier.

Alaskan seafood is considered to be the best managed fisheries in the world, harvested from local waters and managed from sustainable and renewable fisheries. Fresh fish from Alaska is a sure bet it will be fabulous, freshest, and the easiest seafood to work with.

But if you can’t get Alaskan seafood, make sure to get cod that is not freshest and not fishy scented. Then get the kitchen ready because you totally need to try this cod fish taco recipe!

Living in Santa Barbara we are fortunate to have fresh seafood year round. We buy the best seafood we can find from our local markets such as the Santa Barbara Harbor or Whole Foods. But not everyone around the world has this kind of access to fresh fish, unless ordered direct from the fisheries. Whether you use your favorite recipe or savory herbs and juices, there’s no comparison to how delicious this is. And fresh Alaskan cod fish drizzled in this spectacular southwest sauce is restaurant style eating within the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy this delicious cod fish tacos in southwest sauce!

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