Cucumber Bites With Feta Mint Basil & Balsamic Dressing

Enjoy a taste of summer any time of the year with these feta and cucumber bites! Perfect appetizer to serve topped with a fresh balsamic dressing and lively mint and basil flavors!

These cucumber bites are like a moment at the spa! A light and refreshing appetizer or starter that I love to enjoy, especially poolside with glass of lemon cucumber mint water, and perhaps a fresh skinny margarita with a nibble of energy bites to satisfy a sweet tooth afterwards!

Why these bites are so great

  • Cucumbers are low calorie, light, hydrating, and refreshing! Cucumbers are a wonderful veggie that are made mostly of water. That makes them low calorie, and a crunchy match that is delicious with blocks of feta cheese and fresh herbs.
  • Simple appetizer that is wholesome, filling, gluten-free, and grain-free! Prepare the ingredients then layer the flavors on a toothpick or skewer and with every bite you get bursts of crunchy, creamy textures with lively herbs and a dressing that makes your mouth scream for more cucumber bites!

What ingredients go into these cucumber and feta bites

  • cucumbers – which I suggest using organic Persian mini cucumbers, or cocktail cucumbers because they are the perfect for bite-size and crunch for salads, drinks, and finger food.
  • feta cheese– use full fat feta blocks. The better the cheese the better the flavor too. Try using a feta cheese that is in water, which should not crumble as much as those that are not soaked in water.
  • fresh basil and mint leaves – these are what bring out lively notes, spa-like flavor, and bring the flavors of cucumbers and feta together!
  • dressing – the dressing is made of a combination of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction (which is a balsamic glaze and is thicker than regular balsamic vinegar), and a dash of salt and pepper. This is option to top with and makes these cucumber bites amazing!

How to make this recipe

STEP 1: Wash and slice the cucumbers into ¼ inch coins.

STEP 2: Slice the block of feta cheese into ½ inch x 1 inch.

STEP 3: In a small bowl mix together the balsamic reduction, olive oil, and a dash of salt and black pepper.

STEP 4: On skewers or toothpicks, layer them with a mint leaf, cucumber, feta, cucumber, basil leaf. Repeat for the remaining ingredients.

STEP 4: Pour the balsamic dressing on top and serve.

FAQs and Expert tips

What kind of cucumbers are best for cucumber bites?

Use a small cucumber such as Persian mini cucumbers or cocktail cucumbers rather than English cucumbers. They are much crunchier and hold better on a toothpick for appetizers.

What if my feta cheese crumbles when I add them to the toothpick?

Make sure the feta cheese is thick enough to hold its shape, but too thick will produce too much cheese flavor and not the right ratio for these cucumber bites. Carefully add them to a toothpick by pressing them down slowly and with both fingers on the sides to support it equally.

Is cucumber a healthy snack?

Cucumbers are incredibly healthy, mostly made of water, full of fiber, and support to flush out crap in the body and ignite digestion. They are the perfect food for weight loss, especially when turned into cucumber water and make wonderful appetizers and finger food!

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