Turkey Meatloaf Recipe Packed With Veggies

Ground turkey meatloaf with oatmeal and lots of vegetables pureed together makes this hearty healthy  meat-lovers favorite!

For the past week the boys have had colds and waking up every night to sneak into bed with the hubby and I. Since they share a room they think it is a great idea to wake each other up before trampling on the hard wood floors in an effort to “quietly” sneak into our room. After the third night of their little adventures it was time to reprogram their sleeping patterns.

The other night I ask my 5 year old why he keeps getting up and he seems to blame it on the toddler waking him first. So we lay in bed and stare at the ceiling light pretending it is the moon. I say “If that is the moon, let’s count sheep and cows jumping over the moon. The more sheep you count the closer you are to going falling back to sleep!”

The next morning I asked him how his sleep was and if he had any dreams. My 5 year old’s response is “Yes, I dreamt we played with cows. I fed chickens and turkeys. Then we were climbing up a mountain and I rode the cow and carried the sheep. Just like Jesus carries the sheep.”

Sounds like someone might want to be a farmer!

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That day the kids chose meatloaf for dinner. With our little colds running through our bodies I wanted to ensure they would eat veggies alongside a turkey meatloaf recipe. The most enticing way is to hide the vegetables in the meat. Chopping takes way to much time plus the texture of “chunks” are sometimes unappealing to children (and my husband too!).

Did you know meatloaf is actually a traditional German dish, cousin to the Duch meatball. That is why if you are looking for meatloaf recipes, meatballs come up in searches too! Meatloaf originated back to Roman times and became popular during the time of the Depression. It is a dish that extended the use of meat by adding fillers such as bread and oats.

How to make a Veggie-Packed Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

In a food processor, blend together the egg whites, onion, carrots, garlic, ketchup and kale and puree until smooth. Then using your hands mix the pureed mixture together with ground turkey meat and seasonings.

There is also nutritional yeast added in the recipe. Nutritional yeast is packed with energy boosting B-vitamins and adds a little punch of flavor to the turkey meatloaf!

Prepare a loaf pan and press down the prepared meat so it is evenly spread out in the pan. Drizzle with ketchup, bake according to directions and enjoy!

Not sure if when you sit down to eat your meatloaf, it will as ours did…

Right as we sat down to eat dinner and devour our delicious turkey meatloaf I asked the 5 year old to say the blessing. He goes with, “Dear Jesus, thank you for the wandering food. And thank you for carrying the sheep. Amen.”

Hubby and I couldn’t stop cracking up an at the wandering food! But the whole family ate seconds and fueled our bodies with a full serving of extra vegetables, whole grains, protein and B-vitamins all from this turkey meatloaf recipe!

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