Oatmeal Muffins (Gluten-Free)

Morning oatmeal muffins are an easy gluten-free breakfast on-the-go! Not only will this oatmeal muffin recipe tantalize your taste buds, the oats will make your heart smile too!

Heart-healthy fiber from oats has been known to reduce artery clogging cholesterol. What better way to enjoy healthy oatmeal than in the form of healthy muffins, especially on busy mornings!

Muffins are a staple food that we always have around. I remember growing up and my mom always had Costco (enormous!) size muffins cut in half ready for us to quickly grab as we would make our way out the door to school. You have probably seen them- those giant variety packs consisting of chocolate muffins, blueberry muffins and walnut muffins. Sometimes they would even swap one of those flavors out for a lemon poppy seed muffin. It was a sure bet we would eat breakfast if those muffins were around. I always gravitated to the chocolate ones. But let’s face the reality what we all know. Those muffins are not really muffins, are they? They are more like cake “disguised” in the shape of muffin. Right!!?!!!

Not to disappoint you, but these gluten-free oatmeal muffins are not quite as cake-like, because these ones are healthy, much lower in fat and the oats provide a pleasant texture instead of smooth finish. I will say they are incredible delicious and my whole family devours a dozen of them in a day like dinosaurs that haven’t seen food for months!

Tips for fluffy oatmeal muffins

  1. Use quick cook oats. The grains of quick cook oats make the muffins less lumpy in texture and creates the muffins to be moister than if using rolled oats. This is important if you have picky eaters who are texture sensitive.
  2. Do not over mix the batter. Over mixing makes the muffins tough and not as soft and fluffy.

These oatmeal muffins encompass vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg spices and are adapted from my Gluten-Free Chai Muffins, just made with adding oats and a few other ingredients altered. For some reason my kids love the flavors of chai. I made these oatmeal muffins originally without any spices and just using vanilla and maple syrup for flavor. My 7-year-old said, “Mom, these taste like bread, not a muffin. I don’t like them.” As soon as I added cinnamon flavors he was sold and loved them😊!

These healthy muffins do not last more than a day or two in our house. They are like eating a sweetened cinnamon bowl of oatmeal in the form of a muffin! Easy breakfast ideas are the best, and I am always making muffins because they are so easy and can be incredibly nutritious, when homemade😊with non-processed ingredients.

Wouldn’t these oatmeal muffins be so pretty to serve for a brunch or tea party? Top with your favorite jam or ghee!

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