Healthy No-Bake Breakfast Bars

No-bake breakfast bars make the perfect on-the-go balanced meal for kids and adults! These easy homemade granola bars take little time to make and are made with wholesome oats, almond butter and no refined sugars. An addictive gluten free treat you will want to nibble on to energize all day long!

Easy & Healthy No-Bake Breakfast Bars

Do you stroll through the grocery store aisles and all your kids want to eat are the granola bars like these strawberry oatmeal breakfast bars lined up beautifully stack by stack? That is just what kids love, mine too.

The funny thing is (ok not so funny when they holla for another oat bar), but they want one bar after another bar, after another one, after another one until you notice you just spent $5.99 on a box of granola bars that your one child just devoured as a snack.

That has happened one too many times to the point I just make my own no bake breakfast bars that the kids (and now your family) can enjoy without the parent guilt of the price tag or consuming a whole box of processed goodness. Really, how do the manufactures get those granola bars to last for months on end?

We love no bake everything including these famous no bake protein energy balls. No-bake snacks just make life easier, right? Just as much as the famous “CLIF Kid” bars that my kids just adore.

These homemade no bake breakfast bars taste just like those well adored CLIF Kid bars and now you can enjoy them from your own kitchen! Do you get as excited about that as I do, or is that just a foodie blogger thing… :-).

Here is a secret I will share with you… these homemade no bake breakfast bars taste ultra chewy, sweet, and pleasantly comforting. Make sure to heat treat the flour first to prevent the risk of food born illness from raw flour.

I re-took photos and updated this post recently and as soon as I made them again my husband asked, “Why don’t you make these granola bars more, they are my favorite!!!!”

What makes these no-bake breakfast bars chewy?

Short answer, almond butter. Long answer, nut butter. Almond butter, or any nut butter just makes these bars fantastic! Almond butter is thick and creamy and when mixed with maple syrup or honey gives these bars a mouthwatering sugary chewy consistency that soothes a sweet tooth. Soak that sweetness in oats and you have an even creamier consistency made of wholesome fiber-rich ingredients!

Promise you will want to eat the whole pan as soon as they are ready. These homemade breakfast granola bars taste like cookie dough! They are a natural energizer to refuel kids before a sports game, in the morning or served as a dessert treat after dinner!

On busy school mornings this is what we grab-to-go for breakfast. These no bake breakfast bars are also a great way to add healthy carbs, plant-based protein, omegas, fiber and and B-vitamins into the start of your morning!

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