Chocolate Truffle Recipe (made with dates)

Raw vegan peppermint chocolate truffle recipe packed with protein powder and sweetened with dates and creamy cashews! No-bake and super easy!

It is that moment when a sense of guilt rushes deep in your skin but the sensation overpowers it. When you know you should’t have “just one more” but you do anyway. And then it happens- you realize you have just eaten the entire tray of chocolates! That is exactly what happened after I made this batch of healthy chocolate truffles. The boys and I ate the entire tray in a day- ooops!

A few years ago when Chase was almost one we were attending a wedding in San Diego and the tables had the most gorgeous decadent little pieces of chocolate at each of the guests seats. They were in the shapes of flowers, presents, roses with lots of colors and details embellished on them. At the venue there was even a chocolate bar next to the wine bar!!!

My friend Meredith and I were both still nursing our littles at the time so we were in a phase where we could eat anything and burn it off with nursing! She had me laughing because she was going around to all the tables eating the chocolate to try every filling that was served. It became a guessing game of who gets the truffle filled ones… my favorite!

I’m not nursing anymore so surely eating a box of chocolates in one sitting will not come off my hips quite as quickly. The ingredients in this chocolate truffle recipe are totally guilt free and easy to prepare! The only sugar is from dates and the chocolate coating (if you use that). They are packed with protein and healthy fats from coconut flour, vegan protein powder and cashews.

Simply soak the dates and cashews in water for about an hour to soften them before blending them into a creamy mixture. Then mix them with the dry ingredients and refrigerate in a closed container for about 30 minutes to set before rolling them into balls. After the truffle mixture is chilled (using the palm of your hands) roll them into 1-inch balls and place each on a parchment paper lined tray. Freeze the truffles for about 1 hour before coating as this will help them to stay together when they are dipped in melted chocolate.

Usually when I make this chocolate truffle recipe I coat half of the truffles with cocoa powder mix and the other half dipped in melted chocolate. They are seriously so delicious and easy to make you won’t even know they are good for you! These peppermint chocolate truffles are great to have on hand for healthy snacks in the kids lunches. Chase does not prefer the peppermint flavor so I make these with vanilla extract for him.

This peppermint chocolate truffle recipe can be substituted with vanilla extract in place of peppermint extract. We have made them both ways and both are amazing!

No bake, chocolate flavors, easy and super healthy! What more could a gal ask for?! And if you like peppermint and chocolate, be sure to also try out our Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate Smoothie!

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