Healthy Frozen Peach Margarita Recipe

A healthier whole fruit peach margarita recipe made with frozen peaches, lime, honey and a splash of tequila! Forget the triple sec and sweeten this cocktail up with fresh wholesome fruit and natural sugars!

This frozen peach margarita recipe is made with wholesome fresh peaches and no processed sugars! Traditionally a margarita is made with tequila, triple sec, lime or lemon juice and salt around the rim of a glass, served on the rocks or frozen. But now you can forget the refined sugars in triple sec and extra unwanted calories! Fresh fruit and a bit of honey is all this delicious margarita drink needs.

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  • Healthy Frozen Peach Margarita Recipe

Why this peach margarita is so great

Delicious healthier sweet treat to enjoy for Taco Tuesday and Mexican dinners! Margaritas are one of the best cocktail recipes to pair with spicy, salty Mexican food like Cod Ceviche, Shrimp Ceviche, and this tasty Vegetarian Taco Salad. It just compliments the bold flavors of jalapeno and cilantro and juicy textures so well.

Especially when the margarita recipe is made with fresh frozen peaches, making it a “healthier” cocktail with a bit less guilt attached. And tequila is actually one of the purest alcohols for the body.

Key ingredients

  • Fresh frozen peaches – this is where the flavor is at plus a bonus of fiber and nutrients
  • Ice – to make this cocktail recipe refreshing, chilled and creates a slushy consistency
  • Tequila – use a good quality tequila such as Don Julio or check out this list of the best tequila for margaritas
  • Sweetener– honey or agave syrup with an option to add Stevia for a bit sweeter drink without loads of sugar
  • Lime Juice – for just a little burst of zesty flavor!

How to make this frozen cocktail

In a blender, blend together the peaches, honey, lime juice, tequila and ice. Add a few drops of liquid Stevia if you prefer for a sweeter peach margarita. Serve immediately.

Fruit substitutes

No peaches? No problem! Fruits like mango, banana, melon, strawberry, blueberry, mulberry or raspberry are also suitable for margaritas and mojitos. Swap out this peach margarita for another flavor just by changing up the frozen fruit that might be available or on-hand!

Margaritas are made with so many various fruits and juice mixtures. But I prefer my drink recipes to be made in the most natural form. Use fresh frozen fruit to sweeten cocktail drinks instead of fake hydrogenated corn syrup and sugar for the “healthiest” version.

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