Roasted Cauliflower Red Pepper Pesto Soup

Healthy roasted cauliflower soup slowly cooked with garlic, sweet red pepper and onion then pureed with vegetarian broth. The finishing touch is a dab of aromatic pesto on top right before serving! It’s healthy, easy, nourishing, gluten-free, vegan and delicious!

Cauliflower is incredibly nutritious. It tastes best raw with a favorite dressing, turned into this cauliflower ice cream recipe, roasted, riced into cauliflower pizza crust or turned into this cauliflower soup for a light and healthy dinner.

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Why this cauliflower soup is great

Red colored soup happens to be one of our family favorite soups! The top of the list being red pepper tomato soup, tomato basil soup and pizza stew! The natural sweetness that comes from fresh tomatoes and roasted red bell peppers!

Did you know that vegetables have natural sweetness that comes out when they are roasted? Red peppers bring out so much flavor in this ramen rice noodles recipe and roasted cauliflower soup.

Roasting is one extra step but worth it! You are going to LOVE the combinations of nutty cauliflower, sweet red pepper, a splash of lemon and herbiful pesto that will both fuel your body and keep it energized!

The pesto is kinda like the icing on the cake. It’s what MAKES the soup! I used quinoa pesto in the pictures because that is what I had on-hand, but you can use plain or this kale pesto sauce recipe.

One good thing about roasted cauliflower soup is it’s hard to mess up. You can roast the vegetables until they are starting to char or keep them cooked on the lighter side. The longer the vegetables roast in the oven the softer they are the smoother your soup.

I recommend not to really char your vegetables whenever you can help it. Here’s why:

Charring is when the vegetables are cooked at a high heat and start to turn black and burned. The dark residue matter is called char. When foods are cooked too high- the charring stage is a chemical process removing hydrogen and oxygen from the solid. Charring is a chemical process and it’s best to keep those chemicals out of the body:-).

How to make roasted cauliflower soup

  1. Roast the cauliflower, garlic, red pepper and onion.
  2. Let the roasted vegetables cool slightly before adding to the blender.
  3. Blend the vegetables (only using 2 of the garlic cloves removed from the skin) with vegetable broth. In this step you can pulse the soup for a thicker consistency, remove ¼ of the vegetables and add it in later for chunks, or blend the soup for about 1 minute until it is smooth.
  4. Heat on the stove and add lemon and apple cider vinegar and simmer until ready to eat! Add your favorite garnishes like pesto on each serving!

That’s it! 4 EASY steps!

This roasted cauliflower red pepper pesto soup is so good! I hope you make it! I just finished of the rest of it over the weekend and even the leftovers are just as delicious as the first time I made it.

Don’t forget you can make it to your liking by making it super smooth or slightly chunky. I prefer slightly chunky and my family preferred theirs very smooth. Have fun with it- like I said before it’s a hard recipe to mess up!

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